Tuesday, September 18, 2012

$9 Linen Closet Re-Org

The organization ideas that I'm getting off of pinterest are totally changing our home and making it just so much better... Today I went to Dollar Tree and bought some baskets to organize my linen closet... I LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wow, what can I say it's been an amazing 1st year of homeschooling. At the beginning, I was overwhelmed with what curriculum to choose, what direction to go, etc., etc. Since we had a 3rd grader we thought we try a public virtual school, I mean we couldn't go wrong right? She would be learning everything the state required. Well we tried that for a month and a half and it was okay. While my 1st grader was doing hands-on assignments and having fun, the 3rd grader was bored, had lots of work and did not enjoy school. So I purchased Weaver Volume 1 (cheap and good for teaching multiple-grades)... There was alot of prep time for me, like searching for videos and books etc. However, we enjoyed it. So now what? Well, I stumbled across unitstudy.com and decided to try these for the summer. I will be purchasing, Father's Day, Independence Day and the beach fun pack which includes: Dolphin Days, Sunny Seashells, Kite Capers, and Summer Sensations. The rest of our summer we'll be on 2 mission trips and hopefully a vacation. I also found some free unit studies at homeschoolshare.com. So for the next 2 weeks we'll do one on "Isabel's House of Butterflies", so fitting since Isabel has caught numerous butterflies this spring, and the other on just Spanish. Our summer is gonna be fun...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Loft Beds

My husband built these beds and they are great...they give our girls so much more floor space... We totally redid their rooms, new floor, new paint, new decor and new BEDS!!!! Here are photos from my oldest daughter's room.