Monday, October 31, 2005

Part of the Team

I am the only woman on my team at work. This is not a first for me. When I worked at Bell Helicopter, the same was true. It was fun because I was 19 years old. Just a kid. I got so much special treatment it wasn't even funny. I got along so well with all the guys, we always had a blast at work. Fastforward 10 years later. 6 months ago I would have told you that I didn't feel apart of the team. I mean I have a good working relationship with everyone on my team, but that is as far as it went. There are those on my team that I got along great with. We'd do practical jokes on each other, and that would make it really fun. But just in the last months pretty much everyone on my team treats me differently, they huddle around MY desk to chitchat. They say "hey what's up" and they really value my thoughts on things. I'm glad, it makes work alot more fun and stress free.


Emma can stand by herself from a seated position and can take at least 6-7 steps without falling. She's growing up. I don't want her to grow up yet. It's bittersweet. I want to see all the new things she's going to learn, but I'm going to miss the baby stage. Time for another one..... Just kidding.

All Heaven Rejoice

Judgement Day at Iglesia La Luz so far has been a success. For Friday and Saturday, 100 people went through the haunted house and 42 have gotten saved. Tonight is the last night. 7-9pm. It takes about 25 minutes to go through it. Hope to see you there. 2400 Pecandale, Arlington, TX 76013

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye Bye Harriet

-- President Bush "reluctantly" accepts Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers's request to withdraw her nomination.

Didn't expect this to happen. Curious as to who will be the next nominee.
I nominate......"Scott Wilder"

P.S. You've got to listen to the "Scott Wilder Show" to get that last sentence.
He's on the word fm from 4-6:30 pm

Speech Pathologist in Training

Yesterday in class, the 2 & 3 yr olds were making spiders.
Victoria who is 3 would say Spither.
Isabel would correct her. "No spither. Look. Spiiiiii - der.

Little Miss Smarty Pants.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

Well yesterday, my friend suggested the cast changes, even after I told her that I didn't want to play the part. She came up with all kinds of excuses of why I needed to play the part. After thinking about it, I didn't want to step on anyones toes.
The girl is going to play the angel, which is a big role, because she has to do it in spanish and english.

Enough about that.

Isabel is sick. Threw up twice early this morning. She's at home now with her Papa. I got to work, and a girl who had been out since Friday said that her whole family had been throwing up. I hope I don't get it. If I do, then no play for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Judgement Day

Ok, I spend all afternoon Saturday writing the script for a skit that we are doing at church for our "Judgement Day" Haunted House. And stupid me, I help make the suggestion that someone else would play a good teenager.
Well last night we set up our set and props and this girl ran through the scene. She was alright, but it just wasn't having the effect that we are intended.
So my friend says to me, you run through it with me so that the other girl can see how it's done.
So I run through it. And oh my gosh, I gave the performance of a lifetime. I even almost made some people in the audience cry.
So here I am, stuck in a hard place. I want to play that part. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt the other girl's feelings by taking my part back, but you gotta admit, I was good. So anyways, my friend who played opposite me, was going to call the person in charge to suggest that we make some role changes.
So I'll find out tonight, if I'll be on stage or behind the scenes. It doesn't matter to me either way, I just want the audience to get the full effect of the message we are trying to convey. We only have 2 days to practice, and then show time.

Judgement Day Haunted House
Iglesia La Luz
2400 Pecandale
Arlington, TX
October 28,29,& 31
7:00 PM... line gets cut off at 9:00 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005


I remeber as a kid, me and my sister would fight like cats and dogs. Eventhough she's 2 years younger than me, she'd win most of the time. And although we fought as kids, we are the best of friends now.

I see that same pattern with Isabel and Emma. They both like to pick on each other. But there are times when they just love each other to death. I'm glad they've get to experience being sisters. Shareing clothes, sharing a room, etc...
And I'm glad I've got my sister.


Isabel has got it down. When we ask her to do something, and she doesn't want to do it, she'll politely say "no, thank you".

Isabel do you want to go sleep?
No tankyou

Isabel you need to go to sleep.
No tankyou

Isabel get in your bed and go to sleep.
(A the top of her lungs) no wanna go to sleep. no wanna to to sleep

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Prince

Well he did it. Carlos Cruz got 11th Grade Homecoming Prince.
Congratulations Carlos!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Nite Football.

Tonight is the big night. We are going to a high school football game, where my God-son is playing and has been nominated for Prince.

I remember when I was in high school and jr. high. Friday night football was it. I've been going since jr. high, when the Permian Panthers were at the top of their game. We went because it was the social event to do. Conversation was great, touch-downs gave you a high, and at the end of the night our team would always win. In Odessa, the whole city would practically shut down early just to go to the game. Especially when it was OHS vs. Permian.

In high school we moved from west texas to north texas. Just wasn't the same, not my team and not my town. But, I made it my own. I will forever be an Arlington Colt. Colts take great pride of their school, and I've recently found that I work with two former Colts.

Well tonight, I'm going to the homecoming of my kids future school. We are taking our girls with us. This will be the start of a great family past time. Friday night football games. Just can't beat that.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Week in Pictures

A Los Angeles County firefighter monitors a wildfire as it approaches homes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How Embarrasing...

This is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing.

What about me?

Anything a first-born child does is a big deal. They get all the attention. That's why many first-born kids end up with a lot of natural confidence.

Did you know...

That almost all of the U.S. Presidents were either the first-born child or the first-born son in their families?
All but two of the first astronauts sent into space were first-borns, and the other two were "only children"?

The 2nd child doesn't ususally get the special first-born treatment. Like when, Isabel first said "mama" it was a big-time event. But when Emma said mama for the first time, it just didn't pack the same "wow." I hear this is why many middle and youngest children find fewer photos of them in the family photo albums, or at least fewer photos of them by themselves.

I am so guilty of this. I had Isabel's scrapbook done by her birthday. Here I am 18 days after Emma's birthday and only 4 pages have been done. She's said mama countless times, but I didn't call everyone on the planet to let them know.

So I will redeem myself today. Emma is only 12 months old and already singing to a cd. Ok, it's alot of DO, LA, and TI's and not words, but techically DO, RE, MI, etc is music. And any sound she makes is music to my ears. Plus she can say mama, point to objects that she wants, and will imitate someone sneezing, plus many many other cool things. I'd write them all down, but I'd take 2 days.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Unclaimed Property

Click here to see if you have any money that you haven't claimed in the state of Texas.
I searched every family member name and my uncle has $4628.00 owed to him by a former employer. My co-worker has $200.00 owed to him by TXU. And 2 people who work with Eddie had money from a former job and a insurance company. Check it out.

What to say?

I haven't had much to say in the last couple of days, although I done alot of things.
Here's a run down.

Oct 14: Eddie's birthday, Red Lobster (all you can eat shrimp, eventhough I hate shrimp) and saw the movie "Two for the Money"

Oct 15: Went to 2 parties. Housewarming and 1yr old.. Great food at both parties, but tired by the end of the day. Although I wish I could have taken out my fustrations on the pinata when I had the chance.

Oct 16: Church, and me and the girls visited Eddie at the station. Never fails when they get visitors, they get call after call after call. Eddie says I'm now banned from visiting ever again.

Oct 17: Today... Work and more work.. Our Pastor and wife came over for dinner. They are very good friends. We had a good time. I haven't heard from the girls in 2 hours. They are asleep.. Hope Emma feels better tomorrow, because she caught Isabel's cold.

Oct 18: Tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Harriet Meyers

(I think that's the way you spell her name)

Anyways, I'm not one who is overly interested in politics. Something about this nominee has caught my attention. I heard a discussion yesterday on the Scott Wilder show. It was a guy saying that he trusted Bush, so for him he trusted his decision on the nominee. His reasoning was "how could Bush make a mistake on something as important as this?" and "He's known her for 15 years, he trust her".

Whatever! You know nothing about this nominee. Just because Bush is a Christian, and conservative, does not mean that he's infallable.

I do hope this is the right decision, but if it's not, I will feel sorry for Bush and Harriet. Bush, because he'll never live it down, and Harriet, because she'll have wasted all this time going through a gruelling senate conformaiton hearing without anything to show for it.

Only time will tell.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fair Tax

Have you heard of the Fair Tax. If not there is a book out called The Fair Tax Book
you can read more about it on
Anyways, I've been hearing more and more about this, and from what I gather it's a good thing.

A family of four making $100,000 per year
Under the FairTax, a 36.8% increase in spendable income

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tummy Ache

Isabel awoke this morning at 2:30 am with a tummy ache and fever. I had no pepto bismo. She got up and went pee pee and then was eager to take her medicine (Tylenol) for the fever she had.

Then this morning Eddie calls asking me if I had given her applesauce. Yes, why?, because it has mold in it. Oh crap, I've poisoned my child. Oh wait, did you say glass jar? I gave her some out of the new plastic jar.

Thank God, I didn't poision her, I would have felt really bad.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Prayer Monitor

All the 2 and 3 year olds are seated around a table, ready to began eating breakfast.
The sunday school teacher begins.

"Let's Pray"

All the kiddos put their hands together and close their eyes. The prayer begins.
Isabel, only has her eyes half way closed and looks around to make sure everyone else has there eyes closed.

She looks to her left and says
"Close your eyes, Angelica"....

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Human Pinata

My nephew Jacob got a roll of wrapping paper and started hitting me are the arm with it.

Jacob (5 years old): You're a pinata, I'm trying to get the candy out of you.
Isabel (my 2 year old): Her name not Pinata, her Mommy.

Thanks for coming to my rescue Isabel

A thousand thanks, (ok only 8)

Just wanted to say thank you!

For cooking dinner
For cleaning the kitchen
For folding the clothes
For feeding the girls
For picking up the living room
For installing the hook in the bathroom
For letting me get the my much needed sleep
For thinking of me.

I love you Eddie.

Just like Papa!

Last night, while watching TV, Isabel hears and spots a ambulance on the screen.

Look! Firefighter
That's right, Isabel
Just like Papa!

I think it's time that we take a trip to Eddie station so she can see him at work.
I think she'll love getting on the firetruck and ambulance.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

EMI Custom Cabinetry

Eddie Valenzula

Free Estimates DFW Metro area.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Marriage: What does it take?

Marriage Article

I'm not waiting another minute

It takes 10 minutes to get from my garage onto I-20.
It takes 5 minutes to get from I-20 to Cooper
It takes 10 minutes to get from cooper to my sitters house.
It takes 4 minutes to unload the girls
It was taking me 3 minutes at the light on Sanford and Fielder...
That's 3 minutes too long.
It's 6:30 in the morning, no traffic and I'm sitting there like a dummy waiting for the light to turn green. Should I take the red light. Crap I'm going to be late, oh wait I'm already late.. well I'm going to be super late. Ok, no cars and hopefully no cops...
Alright I'm taking it. I peel out and take the left turn. I look back, no blue and red lights. That's a good sign. I get on I-30 and now I'm thinking I'm home free.
That was a close one. I'm glad I didn't get pulled over, since now I realized that I would have gotten 3 tickets.

One for running the red light,
One for no seat belt
One for no insurance card (cause I have no idea where it's at)

Lesson for the day...

Cut throught the parking lot next time.


Yesterday we took Emma to the doctor to get her shots, and also to get checked out because she had had a fever and a rash.

This is what the doctor said she had:

Coxsackieviruses and other enteroviruses. Symptoms include a rash that develops after fever or blisters.

not to be confused with
Kawasaki disease. Symptoms include a persistent five–day fever, rash (red lesions or blisters), red eyes, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, swelling fingers and toes, as well as a red tongue, lips and throat.

They sounded so similar... I kept telling people she had Kawasaki... She doesn't she has Coxsackie.

I feel so much better now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Become Debt-Free


Budgeting and self-control are key to becoming debt free. Spend less than you make. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. That’s the Dave Ramsey Plan.

To calculate your savings we’ll follow what we call the “Baby Steps.” There are 7 Steps and we’ll use all of them but Step 5 since we don’t know whether or not you have, or plan to have, children.

1. $1,000 in an Emergency Fund
2. Pay off all debt (except the house) utilizing the “Debt Snowball”
3. 3-6 months expenses in savings for emergencies
4. Fully fund 15% into pre-tax retirement plans and ROTH IRA, if eligible
5. College funding
6. Pay off home early
7. Build wealth!

The faster you get out of debt, the more you can save. The best tool for building wealth is your income. If your income is tied up making credit card and mortgage payments for the rest of your life, that’s less money you have to save.

We have seen that when someone starts to budget, they can reduce their monthly expenses by an average of 10%. To determine your Monthly Expenses we subtract your housing, consumer debt and savings payments from your income. Getting an extra job delivering pizzas can speed up the process by increasing your income. A single person could add $500 a month to their income and a married couple could add $1000 to their income if they both got extra jobs. Because we do not know your marital status, we assume an average of $750 a month for extra income from an extra job(s).

Step 1
Monthly Savings contributions are halted. We then take your Monthly Savings contributions, the 10% trimmed from Monthly Expenses and the $750 Extra Income and use it to save $1000 for a Beginner Emergency Fund.

A Beginner Emergency Fund will help you keep your head above water while you're getting out of debt. As soon as you start this journey, life will happen. Murphy's Law goes into effect. Murphy might even move in with you.

Step 2
We take your Monthly Savings contributions, the 10% trimmed from Monthly Expenses and the $750 Extra Income and add it to your Monthly Consumer Debt payment until we pay off all of your Consumer Debt.

Step 3
We save up 3 months of expenses using all of the money that was going towards paying off your Consumer Debt. This is your Fully Funded Emergency Fund. This can save you if you are ever out of work for a period of time or a serious illness affects you or someone in your family.

Step 4
Now that your Consumer Debt has been paid off and you have a Fully Funded Emergency Fund, we assume you take a well deserved break and drop the Extra Job(s) and raise your Monthly Expenses by 10%. At this point, we’ll start saving 15% of your Monthly Income, unless the Monthly Savings you entered was higher than 15%.

Step 5
We’re omitting Step 5 since we don’t know whether or not you have, or plan to have, children.

Step 6
Pay off the house. We take the Monthly Savings Contributions you entered and subtract from it the 15% we’re now saving. The remainder is added to the Mortgage Payment(s) until you own the house.

Step 7
Once your house is paid off, we add the Mortgage Payment(s) to your Monthly Savings. If there are any remaining balances on the Consumer Debt or Mortgage(s) at age 65, we subtract those balances from the Savings total before presenting the final number.

Realistically, “Dave’s Plan” is ridiculously low considering that we assume you never get a raise – imagine what that could do to your savings!

The basic principle here is if you save more than you spend, and aren’t in debt your whole life, you will have considerably more money than if you “charge it” and tie up your income paying it all back with interest, DUH!

Dave Ramsey

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey on the word fm 100.7 from 2-4 pm.
Catch him sometime... you can listen online or through podcast also. He is the author of several books including "The Total Money Makeover"

Ummm Good

Within the last couple of days we have been making tea in our house thanks to Dixie who had tea at her house everyday. I've made Lipton Summer Peach tea, and yesterday Eddie made some Camomille for Emma.

As we are sitting watching TV, Isabel comes over.

I want some tea (So I give her some peach tea)
Um good.

Five minutes later...

"I want some tea"
"Go drink some of daddy's tea" (camomille)
She wanders over to Eddie and drinks some of his tea.
"that good". she says
(then she points to my tea)
"that good good".

Don't you people hear me?

Yesterday Eddie was with the girls cause Emma had a fever.

Isabel: I want leigo.
Eddie: What
Isabel: I want leigo
Eddie: What?
Isabel: Lei go
Eddie: I don't understand what you're saying.
Isabel: (a big sigh)

When I got home....
Eddie: What was Isabel trying to say, she said something about Leigo.
Me: She wants to watch Diego.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Listen carefully....

My friend Dixie was watching Isabel and Emma while we went on our tubing ride.

Isabel: I want some cheche
Dixie: What?
Isabel: I want some cheche
Dixie: What? say it again
Isabel: CHE CHE
Dixie: Oh, you want some leche?
Isabel: Yeah cheche.

Canyon Lake

Unofficially has become our retirement destination. Great lake, clear, warm water, great view. Just outside of New Braunfels. Can't wait until retirement. Gotta long way to go.

Happy Birthday Emma

My baby girl Emma officially turned 1 on Saturday. We had a family gathering at our house. It was great. Emma, it was a great year. I look forward to the coming year and to seeing all of the new things that you will learn.
I love you.

Hello All.

Back from my week vacation. I'll be updating this blog to tell of my adventures soon.