Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best Buy

I just found out something cool. If you take your 8mm camcorder tapes to Best Buy, they will put them onto a DVD for you for about $20. So now I am going to pull out all those tapes that were never transfered to VHS to Best Buy and have them work their magic.

Wireless Finally

After hours and hours, I finally got my wireless connection to my router. I think I need a new network card though, because I can't seem to get it connected anywhere else outside this house (ie Starbucks). Anyways, I'm glad it's connected at home, so that I'm not tied to the desk. I shall investigate the venturing out of this house with my laptop at a later time.

Friday, April 27, 2007


We have tons of butterflies in our backyard. Over the past couple of days, Eddie has caught a few for the girls to observe. He learned from Go Diego Go, that butterflies like to eat soft fruit. So he caught the butterfly, put it in a jar and gave it chewed up banana to eat. It was in heaven. I said that poor butterfly is going to die from over-eating. We drove about 20 miles to church, and I finally convinced them to let it go. Poor butterfly, now in a strange place miles away from home. As I think of the butterfly flying away, I'm reminded of the young people that will spread their wings and fly miles away from home at the college of their choice. Carlos (my god-son), as you venture off to new experiences, please remember the wisdom of your parents, study hard, and have lots of fun. On a side note... Bianca, as you spread your wings at driving a car, remember keep your eyes on the road, don't talk on the phone, don't text message anyone (remember the story of the lady flipping her car)... and drive safe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Potty Trained (for the most part)

Well Emma is potty trained for the most part, she is telling us when she needs to go. I'm still working on the at night part though. If she is dry the rest of this week at school which is just Friday, cause she is home the other days, then the price will drop, which will save us $20 a week. That's $80 a month. That's great. Anyways. I'm glad we passed this milestone. My baby is growing up!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm sick

I feel like crap today. My body aches, my chest hurts, I feel like my head is in a vice, and my nose is not working to well. What is it you ask? Allergies. I've been suffering since Saturday. Last night I went to my mother-in-laws house to score some drugs. Nasonex and claritin (I prefer Allegra, but beggers can't be choosers). She hooked me up to last me a week. I canceled the dental appt I had today, I just can't imagine going through more pain. My husband is here at home. I laid in bed as he cooked breakfast, and he is now cleaning the kitchen. The good thing is that lunch and dinner are already prepared. I'm just going to lay in bed and sleep, so that I can be 100% tomorrow. Did I mention Isabel started her allergy attack last Monday. She's on a nebulizer everyday now, and takes 2 other drugs by mouth. Fun. Ok, gotta go back to bed now. Laterz.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The tradition continues

Each year I send out my birthday wish. This year I have passed the torch onto Isabel. Here goes..

1. Classic Etch A Sketch

LeapPad Book: Disney - Princess Stories

3. The Princess Bride (book)

3. DVD's

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

The Neverending Story

The Wild

Keeping my fingers crossed

Today Eddie is supposed to attempt to build the Mount Forest II. He has until 2:00 before he has to go to work. So I hope he's up and at it. Even if he doesn't finish today, which I'm hoping he will, I give him thanks because he washed and hung a ton of clothes yesterday. Thanks Eddie. You Rock!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

After much research...

This describes last night and previous episodes to the T.

What are night terrors?
Night terrors occur in at least 5 percent of young children, and can start as early as 9 months. These mysterious disturbances happen during deep, non-dreaming sleep. A child in this state will cry, whimper, flail, and even bolt out of bed. Though his eyes may be wide open, he's not awake and isn't aware of your presence. Once the night terror (which can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour or more) is over, your child will return to a sound sleep and have no memory of the incident in the morning.

How are night terrors different from nightmares?
Nightmares happen during rapid eye movement (REM) or dream sleep. A child who's had a nightmare is likely to have a fairly clear idea of what scared him, though he probably won't be able to articulate his fright until he's about 2. He may also be afraid to fall back asleep, and in the morning, he'll probably remember that he had a bad dream.

What should I do when my toddler has a night terror?
Of course, your first instinct will be to comfort him, but your efforts will most likely be futile (remember, he's not really awake and he's not aware of your presence). You just have to wait it out and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. Don't speak to him or try to soothe him, and don't try to shake or startle him awake or physically restrain him — all of which could lead to more frantic behavior. In 15 to 20 minutes, your child should calm down, curl up, and fall into a deep sleep again.


Last night Emma woke up on the floor at the foot of her bed, screaming her head off. I would that thought that something was broken, but this has happened before. She screamed bloody murder for like 20 minutes. She wouldn't let me hold or touch her. She was just kicking and screaming. Finally at 1:00 am she calmed down and went to sleep on my bed. I've got to research this one. This is like the 3rd time it's happened this year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our own park

We have a huge backyard. Currently the girls have a small toddler slide, two small exercize trampolines, cones set up to play soccer, and a picnic table. Well just this past weekend we bought them a Mount Forest II outdoor gym set.

We got it from Toys R Us. Originally $899 on sale for $699, then got the credit card to save another 10%, which came to $594. (Yes we will pay the card off at the end of this week). My girls are going to love it. I will soon add a volleyball net to our backyard and a basketball goal to the driveway. We are going to have a blast this spring and summer.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye Jeff

Well Friday is the day. My manager of almost 4 years will be leaving. All of us are so sad to see him go. As the dynamics of this company change and we become more entrenched in the corporate world of our parent company, we have seen many changes. We will be moving to a new "hipper" building in June, and instead of wearing jeans everyday, we now have to dress up. Yuk!!!!

Now back to Jeff.... Let me just tell you what a blessing it has been to work for him. I was a month pregnant when I was switched over to his department. I had a tough pregnancy, I was always hungry and tired. But he made it just a little easier.
When I came back from maternity leave, he let me use his office so that I could pump. He would walk by my desk and say "Michelle, it's 2:30".
After I had Isabel, I asked if I could work less hours so I could spend more time with her, and it was granted. I thought he would have a heart attack when 7 months later I told him I was pregnant again, but he congratulated me with a smile. I have many more stories like this, too many to tell. What is cool about working for Jeff, is that he is a servant-leader. A leader with a servants heart. Everyone in this department has great respect for him.

Jeff, I will truly miss seeing you on a day-to-day basis, but I know that the Lord has great plans for you. May he continually bless you and your family.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tornado Warning...or not

Just about to go to bed. Around 8:25, a tornado warning showed up on the T.V. saying it would hit Mansfield in 15 minutes. I grabbed a blanket and all our pillows and made a bed for the girls in their bathroom, which happenes to be in the center of the house. I was so grateful that they cooperated by putting pillows over their heads. Then the sirens went off. I had the T.V. on in the office loud enough for me to hear the news. Finally at 8:50 the tornado warning was called off. Thank God. And thank you friends and family that called to check up on us. As we were leaving the bathroom, Isabel said "Is the tomato gone?"

Life is a fairy tale

Isabel put on her "Belle" dress when she got out of the tub today.

Isabel: Mama, did you know Belle has a Beast?
Me: She does?
Isabel: Yeah, so you be the Beast and dance with me.
Me: (Laughing my head off) Ok.