Friday, April 27, 2007


We have tons of butterflies in our backyard. Over the past couple of days, Eddie has caught a few for the girls to observe. He learned from Go Diego Go, that butterflies like to eat soft fruit. So he caught the butterfly, put it in a jar and gave it chewed up banana to eat. It was in heaven. I said that poor butterfly is going to die from over-eating. We drove about 20 miles to church, and I finally convinced them to let it go. Poor butterfly, now in a strange place miles away from home. As I think of the butterfly flying away, I'm reminded of the young people that will spread their wings and fly miles away from home at the college of their choice. Carlos (my god-son), as you venture off to new experiences, please remember the wisdom of your parents, study hard, and have lots of fun. On a side note... Bianca, as you spread your wings at driving a car, remember keep your eyes on the road, don't talk on the phone, don't text message anyone (remember the story of the lady flipping her car)... and drive safe.

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momteacherfriend said...

My kids love Go Diego. They really have learned some cool animal facts from him as well.
I will have to remember the banana trick if we should ever have a butterfly for a day.