Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our own park

We have a huge backyard. Currently the girls have a small toddler slide, two small exercize trampolines, cones set up to play soccer, and a picnic table. Well just this past weekend we bought them a Mount Forest II outdoor gym set.

We got it from Toys R Us. Originally $899 on sale for $699, then got the credit card to save another 10%, which came to $594. (Yes we will pay the card off at the end of this week). My girls are going to love it. I will soon add a volleyball net to our backyard and a basketball goal to the driveway. We are going to have a blast this spring and summer.

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Derrick said...

Hi, I wanted to ask big favor. I just bought the Mt. Forest Playset and I do not have the directions because it is used. Can you take a picture of how the slide is attached to the structure and the wood underneath it. I am afraid to set it up with knowing how. I know this is asking a lot, but I do not know how else to get the info.