Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guess what...

We played out in the rain today.... it was fun... ok well I didn't play because I was video taping my kids and nephew.

We went to see Indiana Jones on Friday.... I wasn't impressed.

We got season passes to the new small waterpark in my city... We've gone twice already... We love it.

We're having a baby... our 3rd child will be due in Jan 09'

Going to "Weekend to Remember" this weekend.... The best marriage conference ever.

I know you're still in shock, yes we are having another baby... you heard me right the first time. I'm praying for a healthy baby, Eddie and the girls are praying for a healthly baby boy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Trip

As we were eating lunch today, I told the girls that we were going on a Trip.

Isabel: Who?
Me: Daddy and Me
Isabel: By yourselves, without us?
Me: Yes
Isabel: We're going to stay here all by ourselves?
Me: No, your Tia Lily is going to come and stay with you.
Isabel: I'll pray about it.
Me: (Wondering what she was going to pray for) - Ok that would be good.
Isabel: I'll pray that ya'll won't get lost.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



By Jean Warren

Every parent wants his or her child to do well in life. Most parents know that what a child learns before they enter school is just as important to future success as what they learn in school.

The problem as I see it, occurs when parents enthusiasm for helping their child succeed gets mixed up with trying to teach them things before they are developmentally ready.

Reading is a good example. Few children are ready to read before the age of six. Just because your child can recognize his name or points to the golden arches and says "MacDonalds", does not mean he or she has the skills to decode words at this time. In their natural concern to help their child, many parents try to push ahead their child's timetable for learning. This is usually done to prove to themselves and their friends and family just how advanced their offspring is. In rare cases, this may be true but most children need their preschool years for building brain connections.

Learning to problem solve, make connections between things, noticing likes and differences, learning to put things in order are the important things for preschoolers to be learning. These pursuits help children grow the circuits in their brains thus giving them the foundations for future learning. Don't waste your child's precious preschool years trying to jump start his learning. Give him the foundations now that will grow his mind so that he will be able to reach his full potential later on.

When you have the urge to push your child ahead, just remember the story of the little boy and the butterfly.

One day a boy found a challis (a butterfly cocoon) hanging from a tree. He was anxious for the butterfly to come out, so he decided to help him along. He carefully peeled back the layers of the cocoon and encouraged the butterfly to come out. But when the butterfly went to spread his wings, they only opened partially. The butterfly tried to fly off but couldn't because his wings had not been allowed to develop properly - in their own time.

In a young child's life, the first five years should be like a challis, a safe warm place where they are allowed to develop at their own rate, so that when they finally go off to school, they will be ready to fly!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Out smart the little ones

Emma has been doing fairly well with the potty. Her only issue (now don't get grossed out) is when she has soft poo poo. She always uses makes a mess in her panties. So Eddie has been "throwing away" toys when this happens. Yesterday he told me that he "threw away" another toy. He said she was like "ok". So I got the lowdown of the events. Evendently he was letting her pick the toy she wants to throw away... well that's not going to work. So at dinner I asked her what her favorite toy was.. she mentioned a new dog that her "Lita" gave her. At that moment it registered with Eddie what I was doing, and he called me "mean" and that I was "wrong".. oh well.. So I told Emma, tomorrow if you poo poo in your panties... then it registered with her what I was doing... she immediately shook her head no....

fast foward to today..
durning nap time I made her go potty before she laid down. she did pee pee. As she laid down she mentioned that her tummy hurt. I asked is she needed to go poo poo she said no... I reminded her that if he poo pooed in her pull-up (yes I made her put one on for nap time) that I would throw away that dog... Well 20 minutes later she came out of the room and said that she had to go potty. Guess what! She did soft poo poo in the potty. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess my tactics worked...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank You

I had a wonderful weekend for my birthday...
On Friday night went to the mall and met my sister and mom.. They watched the girls as I got my hair cut with the gift cards that I got for my birthday... Then my sister surprised me with the Crocs that I wanted.
When my husband got home from work that morning, we took us out to breakfast at Estella's (the best breakfast tacos)... Then we went to the local Crossfit gym for a tour and mini lesson..Then we went to Mardel's to buy the Marriage Devotional Bible, I got a One-Year Women on the Go devotional book instead.. Also picked up "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. Then for a snack we went to the Palletera and got some yummy fruit cups... mine had granola and honey in it.. Then went to Target and bought some rocks for Emma and Isabel... Then for lunch all my close friends and family surprised me at Texas Roadhouse.. My mom gave me a visa gift card, an Itunes gift card and "Cover Up" by Michelle Martinez. After that my mom and sister watched the girls while we used a gift card to Cinemark that my friends gave me to go see Iron Man.. That was excellent. Then we went to eat at Danelitta's and watch my sister-in-law play guitar in her high school Mariachi Band. I got everything on my list. Thank You family and friends for making this such a memorable day. Love Ya

1. iTunes gift card
2. Crocs gift card
3. Gift card to get my hair cut and colored... I have 2 gray hairs.
4. "Cover-Up" by Michelle Martinez avaliable in Paperback
5. Gift card to Cinemark, with dinner for 2 at Texas Roadhouse, with 4 hours of babysitting.
6. 1 year Marriage Devotional Bible

A Lesson in Counting

The other day Emma was using the potty, she yelled out.

"Mommy I'm finished. I did 1 pee-pee and 10 poo-poos"

Right.... I didn't count them to confirm.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Song for Me

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Meeeee
Happy Birthday to Me

A many more..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When curiosity gets you remember...

If you are not part of the problem or part of the solution, then you don't need to know.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's that time of year again

May 10th is just around the corner. What is May 10th you ask? Duh, my birthday....
Here is my annual wish list...

1. iTunes gift card
2. Crocs gift card
3. Gift card to get my hair cut and colored... I have 2 gray hairs.
4. "Cover-Up" by Michelle Martinez avaliable in Paperback
5. Gift card to Cinemark, with dinner for 2 at Texas Roadhouse, with 4 hours of babysitting.
6. 1 year Marriage Devotional Bible