Friday, October 27, 2006

Nine Weird Things.... I tagged myself so that makes 10

1. I can't walk into a pitch black room, very scary. I know that there is someone in there waiting to get me.
2. I can't sleep with my feet sticking out of the covers. I know that there is someone there waiting to get me.
3. I love cherries, but not cherry flavor stuff.
4. I love onion straws, onion loaves, thin onion rings, but can't eat raw onions on my hamburger.
5. Me and my husband have the same shoe size so we share shoes. Well I wear his, he doesn't wear mine.
6. I cut my own hair, and I cut it short, and it looks good. Can't be paying no one to do it for $48 dollars, when I can do it for free. (I used a double negative, bad Michelle, bad)
7. I listen to talk radio rather than real radio. I used to think that people who listened to talk radio were old and uncool. I know for a fact that I'm not old and I am very cool.
8. Sometimes I wish I can collapse on the kitchen floor and suck my fingers and rest, just like my daughter does.
9. I love that my 3 year old is headstrong, cause I know she won't take crap from no one, she ask why about everything, and stands her ground. What sucks is that she does it to me as well. We need to find a happy medium.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Need Sleep

Been practicing at church everynight this week from 7-11pm.
And then I get up at 5:30 am.
I'm exhausted.

But, the Judgement Day haunted house will be awesome. It's free.
Will be open this Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday from 7-10pm

If any of you want more info like where it's going to be at, you can email me.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10 trees for $10

If you are looking for some trees to plant at your home, visit You sign up for $10 and they will send you 10 trees. You put in your zip code and they will so you different collections of trees that grow best in your area. Great Deal!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Low gas prices

Glad to be back. Just want to let everyone who lives in Arlington know that on the corner of Pleasant Ridge and Bowen there are 3 gas stations that compete. Race Track, Quick Trip and Citco. As of last night the price at all 3 is $1.88.
So it took me $19.46 to fill up my new car. Wow.

Monday, October 16, 2006

On vacation....but a lesson in colors

Well right now I'm on vacation. A real vacation. Not those vacations where you get up early, spend the entire day sight seeing, spending lots of money and exhausted at the end of the day. No, this is a real vacation. I'm at my grandma's house. All we are going to do is eat, sleep, shop, and watch lots of TV. So with that being said, I will not be blogging the remainder of the week... but I wanted to leave you with this story..

Everytime Isabel goes potty she says "I'm done" and we reply with "did you pee-pee or poo-poo" (because if she just pee-pees, she can wipe herself, if she poo-poos we help her out.)
She reples "I poo-pooed" So Eddie goes in the bathroom and says "Man that's a big one", and without skipping a beat she asks "Is it green or brown?"

Friday, October 13, 2006

Goodbye my love it's time to go

Well we sold the van. I loved that van, I drove it for exactly 3 years. I would have kept it forever. So sad to drive off and leave it behind. Good news is that we don't owe 15,000 on it anymore. Better news is that I'll be picking up my grandma's car on Monday. 97' Chevy Lumina 32,000 miles. Sweet.
I'll miss you van. I'll miss you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Like Night and Day

On the driveway there was a butterfly, dead I assume because it wasn't moving and it's wings were flapping in the wind.

Isabel sees the butterfly and says "Ahhh look at the butterfly"
Emma sees the butterfly and gives it a big STOMP.

Isabel: Uhh, she killed it.
Me: No I think it was dead
Isabel: No, she did it.
Emma: (Fled the scene on foot)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pony Party

Well Emma's 2nd party was on Saturday... Everything went good except that Emma fell asleep 45 before the party started, so I had to wake her up. That meant that she wasn't as happy as can be. She wasn't cranky, she was just not cheerful. As the day progressed she got better. My mom made the cake and did a wonderful job as usual. Also she made cupcakes inside of ice-cream cones. Those were a hit. Emma got tons of clothes and some toys... It was a great sucess.. Here are some pics.

Dora the Explorer Cake

Cake Icecream

A little smile

Cowgirl Emma

Are you there God, it's me Michelle

Silly question... I know you are there, you are so awesome.
Ok, last week we put our van on craigslist for sale and then also on
We've had four calls on it since Friday. We couldn't show it this weekend for various reasons, but we are going to show it to 2 people tonight. Hopefully one of them will buy it. Also after 2 months of having no one come and look at the house someone called 30 minutes ago. They wanted to see it between 12:30-2:30. I had to call them back and tell them no, because the playroom is a wreck, my bathroom is a wreck, I was in the middle of washing clothes so I've got piles of clothes everywhere. We told them tonight between 5:30 - 7:30. That means I've got to get home and bust my butt... Eddie will be there, so hopefully he'll get most of it done.

Timing....God's timing is perfect.

Well all along we were praying that we'd sell our house. We started construction on another house, and the deadline to get out of that contract is Nov 30. Our hearts desire is to get out of debt, and God knows that. Since we hadn't shown the house in 2 months, we had given up and came to the conclusion that we were just going to stay. We love our house, but it is expensive to maintain (taxes, distance, still no landscaping, still no fence). So here goes.

God you know that we want to get out of debt. We got rid of cable, internet and the phone. We are even selling the van, and selling the house would be awesome. So whatever your plan is for us we'll take it. Your plan is better than our plan. If you want us to stay in the house fine, if not, fine. You be our guide. We totally turn the situation over to you. In any event, I know that you will always provide our needs plus some. I ask this all in the name of Jesus... Amen

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oops I did it again....

So last night I was driving home, I turned onto the main street that leads to my house. I was going 40... There was a car behind me.... right behind me.. I'm thinking to myself I hope that's not a cop, but if it is, I'm ok, because I'm going 40. Wrong!... The lights go off. Dang It. I put my signal on and turn onto a small street. Isabel "What's wrong Mommy?" Nothing... "Why did you say 'Dang it'?".. Cause I got pulled over... So I wait and roll down my window. The cops comes up. I look and...

Me: "Oh my gosh, It's me again!"...
it was the same officer that had pulled me over 2 weeks ago.
Officer De La Santos: "Weren't you driving a different car..."
Me: "No same car"
ODLS: "Oh I thougt it was a car. Were you on your way home?"
Me: "Of course"
ODLS: "Well, the reason I stopped you, was because you were going 43 in a 30"
Me: "No way!, I thought the speed limit was 40, hey but at least I have my driver's license and insurance card this time"... smiling big...
ODLS: "Ok, let me see" then he looks at Emma in the back seat "This one here is giving me a mean look, I think she's mad at me"
Me: "Oh is she mad-dogging you, sorry."
ODLS: Smiling... "I'll be right back"

He comes back...

ODLS: "Didn't I give you a warning last time?"
Me: "Yeah, but that was for a broken headlight." Another big smile.
ODLS: rolling his eyes, with the you got me look... "ok, do me a favor and slow it down"
Me: "Ok, thanks, but I really did think it was 40.. and you won't see me agian.. promise"

Whewwwww... got out of another one... I told Isabel "You dad is going to kill me"
So the rest of the way home, she would ask "When is daddy going to kill you?"
Not tonight thankfully he's working.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't rush great art, but you can try

On Friday, when I picked up Isabel from school, she didn't want to leave because she was painting a horse. As I watched her paint, I thought to myself, holy cow this is going to take forever, we'll never make it to the homecoming game on time, if she continues painting this way. See they use a long q-tip as their paintbrush. So she was putting the q-tip in the paint and putting a dot on the paper. Dot, by dot, she was painting the head... ok, I had to figure out how to get this girl to hurry up and paint so

I said "Isabel, can I help you color?"
"I'm painting, not coloring."
"Can I help you paint?"

She handed over the "paintbrush", and I proceeded to paint but moving the q-tip back and forth, to get more coverage. I handed it back to her and she continued to do the same. So instead of 2 hours it only took 10 minutes for her to finish. She was so proud. What sucks about the whole thing, is that when we got up to leave, she had to leave the painting there, because it was wet and had to dry. She didn't like that one bit.

Your mercies are new every morning....

so I run to you.

Everyday that I wake Isabel up to go to school, I know I'm in for a fight. All the kicking, crying, wining (I don't want to go to school) over and over and over again). She does this every single day, all the way to school. And when we get there, she kicks and screams some more. The teachers seem to be sympatheic with me but I can't help to wonder if they are saying in the back of their heads "Here we go again"...

This morning I prayed "Lord, please don't let Isabel cry, please give me patience, don't teach me patience, just give it to me"

So we are off... I wake her up and she cries, I get her in the car and she cries... oh no not agian. As we are driving over the lake I turn the music off and turn around (I know I'm driving, but it was only for a sec)... I say

"Isabel, do you like fighting with Mommy?"
She nods her head no
"Well it makes Mommy very sad when you fight with me. Can you not fight with me anymore?"
She nods her head yes
"Ok, do you want to help Mommy take Emma to class?"
She nods her head yes
"Then you will go to class, and not cry and Mommy will go to work"
She does nothing.
"Do you want me to sit with you for a while when we get to school?"
She nods her head yes

After that, the rest of the ride was peaceful. She sang to herself and struck up a conversation with Emma.
We got to school, Emma fell outside, blood and everything. Got her cleaned up and took her to class, I sat with Isabel for a minute and told her I had to go to work. She gave me a kiss and hug and said "Ok, bye Mommy"

As I walked out, I was is awe. I think the teachers were too.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Red October

So, we've been at our house for 1.5 years... since May of 2005. Eddie would tell you that he's been there since March of 2004, cause that's when we started building it. Ok, he not we. I did help clean all the ruble dirt, and I did screw in all the electrical plates, and other stuff. Anyways, we have not planted a single tree. I did plant some plants in some planters that sit on either side of the door, but they have all died.... so we are going to plant these trees. Aren't they beautiful... We are going to plant them in the back because that's where we get the most sun. But I just love that they are red, cause they match our front door. I can't wait until they are this big....They are on sell at Home Depot $45, (20 gallon trees).. A bargain.

50 Years.....with 50 more to go....

This is more for memorie sake...
My mom turned 50 on Saturday. We had a great day. Eddie made breakfast for us, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and french toast...mmmm good.
Then that evening we went out to eat at Red Robin, then went to shoot some pool and go bowling.
The only mishap was that after we had all finished eating, Emma started to choke on a french fry which caused her to throw up everying....
Yesterday, we went to Chucky Cheese after church with some friends to celebrate Emma's birthday, her official party is this Saturday. Can't wait.