Monday, October 02, 2006

Red October

So, we've been at our house for 1.5 years... since May of 2005. Eddie would tell you that he's been there since March of 2004, cause that's when we started building it. Ok, he not we. I did help clean all the ruble dirt, and I did screw in all the electrical plates, and other stuff. Anyways, we have not planted a single tree. I did plant some plants in some planters that sit on either side of the door, but they have all died.... so we are going to plant these trees. Aren't they beautiful... We are going to plant them in the back because that's where we get the most sun. But I just love that they are red, cause they match our front door. I can't wait until they are this big....They are on sell at Home Depot $45, (20 gallon trees).. A bargain.

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