Friday, October 06, 2006

Oops I did it again....

So last night I was driving home, I turned onto the main street that leads to my house. I was going 40... There was a car behind me.... right behind me.. I'm thinking to myself I hope that's not a cop, but if it is, I'm ok, because I'm going 40. Wrong!... The lights go off. Dang It. I put my signal on and turn onto a small street. Isabel "What's wrong Mommy?" Nothing... "Why did you say 'Dang it'?".. Cause I got pulled over... So I wait and roll down my window. The cops comes up. I look and...

Me: "Oh my gosh, It's me again!"...
it was the same officer that had pulled me over 2 weeks ago.
Officer De La Santos: "Weren't you driving a different car..."
Me: "No same car"
ODLS: "Oh I thougt it was a car. Were you on your way home?"
Me: "Of course"
ODLS: "Well, the reason I stopped you, was because you were going 43 in a 30"
Me: "No way!, I thought the speed limit was 40, hey but at least I have my driver's license and insurance card this time"... smiling big...
ODLS: "Ok, let me see" then he looks at Emma in the back seat "This one here is giving me a mean look, I think she's mad at me"
Me: "Oh is she mad-dogging you, sorry."
ODLS: Smiling... "I'll be right back"

He comes back...

ODLS: "Didn't I give you a warning last time?"
Me: "Yeah, but that was for a broken headlight." Another big smile.
ODLS: rolling his eyes, with the you got me look... "ok, do me a favor and slow it down"
Me: "Ok, thanks, but I really did think it was 40.. and you won't see me agian.. promise"

Whewwwww... got out of another one... I told Isabel "You dad is going to kill me"
So the rest of the way home, she would ask "When is daddy going to kill you?"
Not tonight thankfully he's working.


tammara said...

You are one lucky girl... and obviously you don't live near stupid Dalworthington Gardens. They'd have just glared right back at her and given you a ticket anyway. Grr.

momteacherfriend said...