Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Best News Today

A Cheesecake Factory will be opening up by the Parks Mall in the Fall. 15 minutes from my house.... that's awesome.

Here is the source of the news

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Free WiFi in Texas

Want to know where to go for free wifi in texas, check this site out... Actually it'll tell you where there is free wifi nationwide, but the link I'm providing is just for Texas.

WiFi Free Spot

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let Freedom Ring

If you can't see the video then go to this link.

A Coffin or New Hope

The Internet has just about everything for sale ... but this may top them all!!!
Weddingringcoffin.com is selling the proper burial of a "dead marriage." The homepage reads:
"Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place. It's time to bury the past and move on to a new tomorrow."
No, this isn't an urban legend. For $29.95 you can purchase a six-inch coffin with room for "his" and "hers" wedding rings! Plus you have your choice of inscriptions which includes:Rest In Peace, Gone and Forgotten, I Do ... NOT!!!, Six Feet Isn't Deep Enough!

That little coffin reminds us that every couple desperately NEEDS hope - not a coffin. They need the hope that comes from the truth of God's blueprints, not a funeral for a dead marriage.

If your marriage is in need of hope attend a Weekend to Remember Conference. It'll be life changing.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I see a flying pig

I'm working right now so I can get a head start for tomorrow. Not only that, I'm watching the Dallas Cowboys game, while my kids and nephew are outside getting wet with the water hose and my husband is mowing the yard....

Undo - Rush of Fools

My favorite song.

Street Beat

So I'm taking a street beat class at the Y. It's 1 hour long. It's a great workout. Basically the instructor shows you the dance moves 8 counts at a time. Then we put it all together. Then the music gets faster and we do endurance drills. That's the whole routine over and over again. Then we have a face-off. More fun. By the end of the class, I'm more than exhausted. Tuesday night I pulled a tendon. Not good. I don't see how I ever went dancing until 2 in the morning.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I've Lost It

"In life, losing things is a frequent occurrence. For someone with attention-deficit disorder, though, it's guaranteed. Money back, if you surprise yourself (and everyone else) by somehow keeping track of your stuff. ... If you have ADHD, there's virtually nothing you can do to avoid losing or misplacing something. "

I've lost my and had to replace my debit card too many times to count.

I've lost my cell phone for days on end.

I've lost my keys, and have found them in the girls bathroom sink mixed in with their toys
(yes I'm the one who left them there)

On Sunday, I lost my CF card for my camera, I could have sworn it was in my pocket.

On Monday, I accidentally threw my cell phone away because I had forgotten it had fallen in my lunch bag.

Today I couldn't find my husbands keys, I search my desk, purse, backpack... finally saw them peeking out from under the seat in the truck.

I just got a new bluetooth headset, I'm counting the days on when I will loose it.


Yesterday, my husband came home from work exhausted. I of course had to dash off to work. I left them with pancakes on the counter, Emma in her living room watching Diego, Isabel asleep, and Eddie on the couch wanting to sleep.

Eddie called me to tell me that around 8:30 the girls came into the living room because they were ready to eat. Then Isabel said the sweetest thing.

"Daddy, I came into the living room and saw you on the couch, so I went to my living room to watch TV"

How sweet was that, she let her Daddy sleep in a little.

Discrimination or stupidness

We know someone who works for the local ISD as a custodian. We found out yesterday that durning the summer months, if no one is utilizing the school (ie. children), then the air conditioners are kept turned off. Of course the office area is maintained cool and the computer room is maintained cool, but the rest of the building is HOT. The custodians who are there 8 hours a day durning the day or night have to clean in 96 degrees tempature or hotter, of course depending on how hot it is outside. I don't think this is right. Why can the office people who sit on there butts all day work comfortably in a nice air conditioned office. But the people who are really working hard and have to work with no AC? Well we are going to make some phone calls and try to get this situation turned around.