Thursday, March 30, 2006

Personal Injury Warning System

Check out this website, some guy chronocialized all his injuries using street warning signs. It's quite amusing. It's funny that about 10 of them have happened to me.

Curious George

Isabel went to her first movie with my sister on Saturday.
I asked her if she liked it. Her reply

"It got dark. I got scared. There was a monkey. I liked the movie."

Enough said.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The "American Dream"

"No one should pretend that immigrants are threats to American identity because immigrants have shaped American identity. No one should claim that immigrants are a burden on our economy because the work and enterprise of immigrants helps sustain the economy." Bush said.

Although I'm not an immigrant and neither is my maternal side of the family. I do have alot to say about this issue. See my family was born in Texas all the way back to my Great-Grand Parents. My family was here when it was Mexico.

Eddie on the other hand was born in Mexico. He was brought over in a plane when he was 1. He became a citizen at the age of 18. Now he is a Fire fighter/Paramedic for the City of Richardson. Voted Rookie of the Year in 2000, and well respected among his peers.

I go to a all-Hispanic church. Many of our members are "undocumented", but to say "they are a burden to our economy" is ignorant. In a country where there is every opportunity to work, and succeed, these people are trying to do just that. They want the "American Dream". It saddens me that people who are born here complain that "they are taking all of the jobs". Well then get off your lazy butt and go work. It amazes me to see how many homeless people we have (who are citizens), but people who are not citizens manage to find jobs, get housing, and transportation. It saddens me that many students who are "undocumented", honor students won't get the chance to go to college. But there will be millions of students who are citizens that will throw the chance away.

If light of this I sure hope that our Senate will pass a "Guest Worker" law and the "Dream Act", so that people who want that dream will be able to fullfill it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Gnishmer Farms

Saturday, we went out to Gnishmer Farms in Arlington. Right now they have strawberries. Here's the deal, you show up either Saturday or Sunday, between 10 and 5pm and they hand you a box. It's $2 a pound, and if you fill up the box it's between $10-12. We had lots of fun, I wish I had pictures, but left my camera at home. The girls loved picking the strawberries. Yesterday I took the box with me to church, since I had the 2-3yr old last night we washed the strawberries and distributed them to the other toddler classes. They are a big hit.

Gnishmer Famers
From I-20 exit Bowen. Take Bowen North, pass Pleasant Ridge.
It will be somewhere on Bowen in between Pleasant Ridge and California. It'll be on your left.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Poor Ryan

I was driving down Park Row on the right hand lane. Three cars were at a stand still in the left hand lane. As I passed them up, there was a boom. "Oh crap, I immediately stopped" A kids gets out of the Tahoe who just hit me. (See he was the middle car of the three, and became a little impatient).
We surveyed the damaged, and my bumper had popped out. I popped it back in and just asked him if we could move to the car wash so that I could get his insurance. He looked young. I asked for his driver's license, and it was one that was verticle.

"Ryan, how old are you?"
"Is this your first accident?"
"Yes ma'am" (great now I feel old)
"Ok, Ryan, becareful"
"Yes ma'am"

I felt so bad for him, cause now he would have to go home and explain to his dad, why the tahoe was scratched up. Poor kid. I sympathized, because as a young lady, I had my fair share of accidents, (too many to count) and you already feel bad, but then having to tell your parents is worse. I'll be calling Allstate today, to start the process of getting the car fixed. What a pain.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Book of Questions # 120

Would you accept $10,000 to shave your head and continue your normal activities sans hat or wig without explaining the reason for your haircut?

My Answer: Depends. If I needed the money to pay for an operation for my child, then yes. If it were just to get 10 grand for no reason, other than to pay bills, then probably not.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WARNING: For Women Only... Men read at your own risk

Please tell me this has happed to you.

I had a OB/GYN appt. today. I remembered I had it this morning at 8:30. At 10:25 I arrived in the parking lot, and did a quick check to make sure I had everything before going inside the building. "Insurance card? check. Debit card? check." Great, I locked the doors and headed for the door.... "Shaved legs? Oh crap, I forgot to shave this morning. And let's just say, I needed to shave badly. So there I am, walking back to the car, getting into the car, and leaving. Where to? I don't know. All I know is that I can't go in there with hairy legs. "Ok, I'll cancel." No, I've waited months for this appt. "Ok, maybe my electric razor is in the glovebox." No. "Ok, I'll go buy a razor." Great, there is a CostPlus just a block down. I run in and the only thing they have are disposible razors. Seeing that razor burn is a factor, I grab the shaving cream. I stand there looking at the can, contemplating how I'm going to smuggle it into the doctors office so that I can shave. "In my purse" I say to myself. Then I proceed to put it into my purse and walk to the checkout stand.. "What the heck are you doing?" Crap I grabbed the can out of my purse seconds before arriving to the register, and put it on the belt to pay for it.
I checked out and head back to the dr's office. 10:32 am. Ok only 2 minutes late. I put one razor into my purse and also the shaving cream. I grab about 5 wipes, just in case there are no paper towels in the bathroom.
I walk in. I check in and head to the bathroom, hopeing they don't call my name while I'm in there.
I proceed to shave my legs, from the ankle up.. seeing that I was wearing boots, I was not about to take them off.
I look in the mirror. Ok, I've got shaving cream on my shirt and a speck on my hair. Don't ask me how that happened I don't know.
I wipe it away, and leave the bathroom.
Mission Accomplished.

Michelle needs...

So, I decided to google "Michelle needs..." after reading "Shelly needs..." and here is what I need.

Michelle needs every advantage possible to attain this goal.
EMMA project at work

Michelle needs constant proof of love.
This is so true

Michelle needs to just shut up
This is probably true too

Yes, definately in prayers

Michelle needs money so she can travel...
I do need money, doesn't everyone? And Disney World is first on my list.

Michelle needs to find her style.
Yes, just the other day, I changed by hairstyle, I just let it stay curly, when asking Isabel if she liked it she replied "It's a mess!"

Michelle needs to improve her communication
According to Eddie, he can't understand a thing I say, and is always trying to get my friend (who is a speech pathologist) to fix me.

Michelle needs to be in good shape and give it everything she's got.
So true... ok ok. On the days I get home early and Eddie is picking up the girls, I will exercise

Michelle needs a few more years to become a really sexy young woman. ...
I guess if I work on the one above, this could happen. :)

This was fun.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Perfect Pet

The guinea pig. My nephew has one, and Isabel loves it, and he loves her. They just sit together. He doesn't run away, and loves being cuddled.
I'm thinking about getting her one for her birthday.

What do you think?

Great Buys at Costco

2 leather scrapbooks - $14.00 (Anywhere else 19.99 ea)
320 sheets of multicolor cardstock 12x12 paper - 14.00 (Anywhere else .50 each on sale)
2 Nautica umbrellas (1 large, 1 Golf size) - 16.00 (Anywhere else the Golf umbrella alone would be at least $40.00)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mr. Mom

Eddie stayed home yesterday with the girls. He'll do this every once in a while if he has a day off. Because of this I took his truck to work.
When I got home, he had washed and cleaned out my van, and had washed, and folded almost all of the clothes.
I was impressed.
Thank you Eddie for all that you do.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

House For Sale

I been busy. House hunting, house selling, kids, work, church... you know the works.
The house is officially on the market. Not all the pictures are up yet, and we still need to do the virtual tour. The MLS# is 10492744.

Living Room



Front of House

A great curving drive-way leading to a two-story 5/3.1/4 custom home on 1 acre featuring custom trim and cabinets through out, CAT 5 wiring, wired for security cameras, surround sound and multi room sound. Wonderful covered p orches and a detached 2 car garage/workshop (30x40) featuring an up-stairs area partially finished out (insulated, sheet-rocked, wired). Up-stairs other room can be study/work or private retreat.

Property Features
Bedroom(s) 5
Bath(s) full 3
Partial bath(s) 1
Style: Traditional
Fireplaces: Wood Burning
Cooling: Central Air - Electric
Heating: Central Heat-Elec
Garage: Garage Opener
Floors: Carpet;Ceramic Tile;Laminate
Roof: Composition
Sewer: City Sewer
Foundation: Piered Beam Slab;Slab
Water: City Water
Year Built: 2004
Sq. Ft.: 3437
Lot Size: 1.00 acre(s)
List Date: 03/11/2006
Days on Market: 5
MLS#: 10492744
Type: SFR
Status: Active
Laundry: Dryer Hookup-Elec.;Washer Hookup
Parking: Attached;Detached;OverSized;Rear
Addl. Room Type: Library/Study Room;Unfinished Bonus Room
Lot Features: Large Backyard Grass;Interior Lot;Subdivision
Community Information
County: DALLAS
Subdivision: LAKE RIDGE SEC 21
School District: CEDAR HILL
Elementary School: LAKERIDGE
Middle School: PERMENTER
High School: CEDARHILL

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

House Hunters Part 1

Well we found a house on .5 acres in Arlington. 2200 sq Feet and it has a shop. Perfect. The house is older and we would totally remodel the inside. Paint, laminate wood floor, tile, new kitchen cabinets, new bookcases..... The backyard is huge, and it's on a street behind the Target on Cooper. We still need to do a walk through to see if there is any structural damage. If the price is right, we might buy.
Our house is officially on the market. I don't know the MLS# yet but when I get it I'll post, who everyone can take a look at the pictures.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Special Guest will arrive.

Well guess who is coming to Isabel's Princess Party......drumroll.... CINDERELLA
She is going to be so excited. Cinderella will arrive with music a interative story a treasure hunt, face painting, balloons, and specials prizes for everyone. I can't wait. Isabel will have her Cinderella dress on, with slippers, tiara, and wand. My mom will make the cake look like Cinderella. It's going to be a blast. If anyone want's more information about Princess Parties, go to Jessica's Princess Parties.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Smokers, You're killing me....

Dana Reeve passed away from second hand smoke induced lung cancer. Trageic!
The other day I was in the womens restroom, and a girl walked in who reeked of smoke. I got so nausiated, I wanted to throw up. Inconsiderate!
Yesterday, I was in the gas station, and a scene from the movie "I'm gonna get you Sucker" flashed before me.

Guy: "Can I have 2 buffalo wings"
Attendend "What?"
Guy: "Can I have 2 buffalo wings"
Attendend "They are 4 for $3.49"

I was waiting for him to ask "How much for 1 rib?"
but he looked at the change he had in his hand and walked away.

I felt sorry for him, and I breifly thought, I'll buy his lunch.
Then I look in his hand and there was a brand new pack of cigarettes.
Forget it, I'm not buying you lunch. If you'd rather spend $4 on cigarettes than eat, that's your problem. Stupid!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Book of Questions #18

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?
My Answer: The ability to finish my dotnet project in 1 week.

What about You?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My New Personal Trainer

I got a personal trainer yesterday. Since I have a room that has all my exercize equipment in it, my personal trainer encouraged me to use it.
She laid on the yoga mat and did some sort of leg lift, and told me to get on the gazelle. I didn't have on any shoes, but she didn't care, she wanted me to exercize on the gazelle. She then proceeded to go to the trampoline to jump. After about 5 minutes I told her that I was tired, and asked if I could stop. She allowed me to stop but then told me to jump on the trampoline.
As I started to jump, she said "Isn't it fun, Isn't it fun"...
No it's not fun, my calves are starting to hurt, and I'm starting to sweat.
"Faster, Faster" she yells. After awhile I stopped and proceeded to the yoga mat. I tried to remember some of my stretches. I bent to the side to touch my left toe.
"Other side" she says... and on we went. Next was situps.
"1, 2, 3, ...... 22, 23, 27".....she skipped some numbers. That's ok, it makes me feel like I did more that what I actually did. All in all I had a good workout, and went straight to bed. If anyone of you wants to borrower my personal trainer, she is avaliable on Tuesdays, for a small fee of "candy and a surprise". But if you feel you want to give a donation, she is saving up for college.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I just finished my study for church tomorrow. I was about to go to bed but I have a screaming 2 year old wanting to play on the internet, so I needed to escape. We moved her bed upstairs to fill the empty bedroom. It's a huge bedroom. It's all decorated with princess stuff, since she's a princess, and thinks she's Cinderella. I remember my first bedroom. We lived in a little bitty trailer. There was a hallway between the kitchen and where my mom's bed was at. The hallway was the length of a twin bed. To the left fit only a twin bed and the the right was a built in dresser. That was it. My room was a hallway. I remember in the 3rd grade my aunt gave me her compter, a TI99-4A. I would sit on the edge of my bed, pull out a drawer from the built in dresser and then I would take our chalk board and turn in around and place it on the drawer. I now had a desk. The keyboard would sit on the "desk" and I small tv would sit on the top of the dresser. The keyboard/pc would connect to the tv and I would write simple "Basic" programs. Even at the age of 8 I knew I wanted to be a programmer like my aunt. I graduated high school, in 93' and worked and paid my way through college. It did take my 6 years, but I finished. It's so cool to see that I fullfilled my dream.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chili's I-30 & Collins

Yesterday we went to Chili's to eat. We got there at 11:15. At 12:15 our food arrived. 1 hour later. We asked for the manager, boxes to go, and checks... We only got a rude manager. So as I was putting a fork of salad in my mouth, I hear the words in slow motion "I don't think we should pay for this, we've been here for an hour" Then before I knew it, everyone around me was getting out of their chairs. I did a double take at my sandwich and reached for it. But I left it there. Man that sandwich sure did look good, since I hadn't even eaten breakfast that morning. Oh well. When we got back to the office, I got online at Chili's website to complain about the incident. If they send me some gift cards I will not use them at that Chili's..... I'll just use them down the street at On the Border (they are owned by the same company :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reality Check

This is what happens when you get bored. Yesterday my sister was looking up old high school classmates just to see where they are now. She looked up Joseph Roy Ewen III, son of a former city councilman of Arlington. He was her boyfriend in high school. Do you know what she found. DECEASED! I couldn't believe it when I heard it. After much digging, she found that he had passed away of cancer Nov 2004, and was only 27 years old. Wow, so young.
Needless to say, when someone you know dies and is about your age you start to wonder "who will be next, and will it be me"
Well in light of this my sister and I have vowed to get mammograms as soon as possible. See breast cancer runs in my family, and it does not discriminate against age. A woman that works with my sister who is 35 has stage 4 breast cancer, she's only 5 years old than me. I can not stress how important it is to get a yearly checkup, both men and women, and for women I encourage you to get mammograms yearly.