Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Michelle needs...

So, I decided to google "Michelle needs..." after reading "Shelly needs..." and here is what I need.

Michelle needs every advantage possible to attain this goal.
EMMA project at work

Michelle needs constant proof of love.
This is so true

Michelle needs to just shut up
This is probably true too

Yes, definately in prayers

Michelle needs money so she can travel...
I do need money, doesn't everyone? And Disney World is first on my list.

Michelle needs to find her style.
Yes, just the other day, I changed by hairstyle, I just let it stay curly, when asking Isabel if she liked it she replied "It's a mess!"

Michelle needs to improve her communication
According to Eddie, he can't understand a thing I say, and is always trying to get my friend (who is a speech pathologist) to fix me.

Michelle needs to be in good shape and give it everything she's got.
So true... ok ok. On the days I get home early and Eddie is picking up the girls, I will exercise

Michelle needs a few more years to become a really sexy young woman. ...
I guess if I work on the one above, this could happen. :)

This was fun.

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