Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chili's I-30 & Collins

Yesterday we went to Chili's to eat. We got there at 11:15. At 12:15 our food arrived. 1 hour later. We asked for the manager, boxes to go, and checks... We only got a rude manager. So as I was putting a fork of salad in my mouth, I hear the words in slow motion "I don't think we should pay for this, we've been here for an hour" Then before I knew it, everyone around me was getting out of their chairs. I did a double take at my sandwich and reached for it. But I left it there. Man that sandwich sure did look good, since I hadn't even eaten breakfast that morning. Oh well. When we got back to the office, I got online at Chili's website to complain about the incident. If they send me some gift cards I will not use them at that Chili's..... I'll just use them down the street at On the Border (they are owned by the same company :)


tammara said...

I hate that place. I've gotten some of the worst service in DFW there. I always feel that when I get horrible service - consistently (which for me means "twice") - there is a manager to blame. Bad manager = bad employees.

Catherine said...

hey Michelle! I never know where to leave a comment so I'm leaving one here to reply to a comment you left for me about Dave Ramsey! I'll figure this out one of these days. Anyway, YES, we love DR and we saw his live event in San Antonio last year (a weekend get-away for me and Lonnie - no kids = fun, fun!!). It's been a huge blessing learning how to keep a budget and plug away at this new goal - and learn all the other lessons God is teaching us through this - there are so many and they've all helped our marriage so much! We have paid off all debt except our house and we're on the goal of paying the casa off in 10 years, God willing. We are so excited about the thought of being in our mid-40's and being absolutely, 100% debt free - including our home! We've learned to stop kicking ourselves about not doing this sooner. For the first year after I stopped working at Ryder and we went down to one income, we just kept saying, man, what if we had started this when I was making the big bucks and we could just throw most of my income toward our mortgage! We have to let that go and keep looking forward, not backward! So that's incredible you and Eddie are doing this while you're making the big bucks and you can knock out the debt! Haha! Keep me posted on the house thing - selling, buying new one, all that! I'm so happy to hear you guys are doing DR, too!