Friday, March 24, 2006

Poor Ryan

I was driving down Park Row on the right hand lane. Three cars were at a stand still in the left hand lane. As I passed them up, there was a boom. "Oh crap, I immediately stopped" A kids gets out of the Tahoe who just hit me. (See he was the middle car of the three, and became a little impatient).
We surveyed the damaged, and my bumper had popped out. I popped it back in and just asked him if we could move to the car wash so that I could get his insurance. He looked young. I asked for his driver's license, and it was one that was verticle.

"Ryan, how old are you?"
"Is this your first accident?"
"Yes ma'am" (great now I feel old)
"Ok, Ryan, becareful"
"Yes ma'am"

I felt so bad for him, cause now he would have to go home and explain to his dad, why the tahoe was scratched up. Poor kid. I sympathized, because as a young lady, I had my fair share of accidents, (too many to count) and you already feel bad, but then having to tell your parents is worse. I'll be calling Allstate today, to start the process of getting the car fixed. What a pain.


Stephanie said...

I bet he was so grateful. I don't know how many fender benders I've driven by where they are yelling at each other, or have mean angry looks. Bless you for being so kind to that poor kid!

How about this...He was 17? That means he was born in 1988 or 1989....NOW I FEEL REALLY OLD! Not old, must let's go back to mature! :-)

tammara said...

I guarantee he was grateful you were nice and is probably scared to death. I'm sorry you've been inconvenienced - what a pain, indeed! Hopefully he'll be more careful in the future and won't get himself killed being stupid.

You were much nicer than I was when something similar happened to me. I was only 22 or so at the time. A kid bumped my car with his when he left his lane a bit (he was fiddling with the radio, of course!). He didn't stop. I got behind him and honked. He tried a belligerent shrug. I pointed at him and pointed to the side, mouthing YOU! PULL! OVER! NOW! He did. For all his previous bravado, he was shaking like a leaf. I looked at my car, and it was fine. "You were lucky," I said. "Yes ma'am," he said. "Be more careful," I said. "Yes ma'am," he said. Lordy, that boy is in his late 30's now...