Monday, March 27, 2006

Gnishmer Farms

Saturday, we went out to Gnishmer Farms in Arlington. Right now they have strawberries. Here's the deal, you show up either Saturday or Sunday, between 10 and 5pm and they hand you a box. It's $2 a pound, and if you fill up the box it's between $10-12. We had lots of fun, I wish I had pictures, but left my camera at home. The girls loved picking the strawberries. Yesterday I took the box with me to church, since I had the 2-3yr old last night we washed the strawberries and distributed them to the other toddler classes. They are a big hit.

Gnishmer Famers
From I-20 exit Bowen. Take Bowen North, pass Pleasant Ridge.
It will be somewhere on Bowen in between Pleasant Ridge and California. It'll be on your left.

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