Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My New Personal Trainer

I got a personal trainer yesterday. Since I have a room that has all my exercize equipment in it, my personal trainer encouraged me to use it.
She laid on the yoga mat and did some sort of leg lift, and told me to get on the gazelle. I didn't have on any shoes, but she didn't care, she wanted me to exercize on the gazelle. She then proceeded to go to the trampoline to jump. After about 5 minutes I told her that I was tired, and asked if I could stop. She allowed me to stop but then told me to jump on the trampoline.
As I started to jump, she said "Isn't it fun, Isn't it fun"...
No it's not fun, my calves are starting to hurt, and I'm starting to sweat.
"Faster, Faster" she yells. After awhile I stopped and proceeded to the yoga mat. I tried to remember some of my stretches. I bent to the side to touch my left toe.
"Other side" she says... and on we went. Next was situps.
"1, 2, 3, ...... 22, 23, 27".....she skipped some numbers. That's ok, it makes me feel like I did more that what I actually did. All in all I had a good workout, and went straight to bed. If anyone of you wants to borrower my personal trainer, she is avaliable on Tuesdays, for a small fee of "candy and a surprise". But if you feel you want to give a donation, she is saving up for college.


Catherine said...

This is hilarious! I miss you!

tammara said...

Send her over. I can acquire candy - though I think that might go against my training plans... I am really good at surprises, lol! I especially like that she skips a few numbers here and there.