Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The "American Dream"

"No one should pretend that immigrants are threats to American identity because immigrants have shaped American identity. No one should claim that immigrants are a burden on our economy because the work and enterprise of immigrants helps sustain the economy." Bush said.

Although I'm not an immigrant and neither is my maternal side of the family. I do have alot to say about this issue. See my family was born in Texas all the way back to my Great-Grand Parents. My family was here when it was Mexico.

Eddie on the other hand was born in Mexico. He was brought over in a plane when he was 1. He became a citizen at the age of 18. Now he is a Fire fighter/Paramedic for the City of Richardson. Voted Rookie of the Year in 2000, and well respected among his peers.

I go to a all-Hispanic church. Many of our members are "undocumented", but to say "they are a burden to our economy" is ignorant. In a country where there is every opportunity to work, and succeed, these people are trying to do just that. They want the "American Dream". It saddens me that people who are born here complain that "they are taking all of the jobs". Well then get off your lazy butt and go work. It amazes me to see how many homeless people we have (who are citizens), but people who are not citizens manage to find jobs, get housing, and transportation. It saddens me that many students who are "undocumented", honor students won't get the chance to go to college. But there will be millions of students who are citizens that will throw the chance away.

If light of this I sure hope that our Senate will pass a "Guest Worker" law and the "Dream Act", so that people who want that dream will be able to fullfill it.


tammara said...

I agree with you completely - so long as those people stay here, and get documented to pay taxes here. A person cannot expect to partake of the social services of a place they are not willing to call home. I think the perception is that many people send a family member here to work and send money home. While I understand the motivation, if that person is not paying taxes, that person is not helping to support the country which is supporting his/her family.

We are a country of immigrants - it's definitely silly to act as though we've all "always been here." Most of our ancestors were from a completely different continent originally, let alone just across a border. Let them come, make them citizens. Maybe some work ethics will improve.

mommyofangels said...

I agree with you as well. From the people I know, the reason they work here and send money back home, is because they can't safely bring there wives and children over or they would. Have you ever seen the movie "A day without a Mexican"? It was an eye opener for me, to see how many of the jobs Mexicans take, because our society thinks that they are too good, and they are too lazy to do manual labor. Plus, can you think of the tax revenue the gov't would get? Isn't that a good thing?
You teach economics, right? How would it affect our economy if they all left?

tammara said...

I've taken economics, and I've tutored economics, but not taught it.

I've not seen the movie. I agree that many illegals take jobs (at less than minimum wage much of the time, because who are they going to complain to?) that American citizens think they are too good to do. I also fear they are taken advantage of often - again because what can they do about it.

Economists argue about the minimum wage issue quite a bit. Many say there should be no minimum wage, and that people should be allowed to work for whatever wage they are willing to work for. I'm torn on this, because I think minimum wage levels are in place for reasons of protection for people who are not in a position to protect themselves from abusive employers (uneducated, lower income people). I hope none of us is ignorant enough to think there wouldn't be any employers of that type - whether wages were allowed to go with the market or not.

Also we should realize that not everyone has the drive or the ability to get education. Some people are made to do manual labor - that is an individual choice - or it should be. I wish a good education was available to anyone who wanted it - but that's not how it is.

I believe our economy would be injured should any of the workforce just up and disappeared, from the trash guys to the CEOs. Of course there would be chaos. What would happen if illegals left over time - or if they were allowed to retain citizenship status - or legal work status? That might be a different question. America adapts, whether it likes to or not, whether it's a painful transition or not.

Anyway, that's my four cents.