Friday, March 10, 2006

Smokers, You're killing me....

Dana Reeve passed away from second hand smoke induced lung cancer. Trageic!
The other day I was in the womens restroom, and a girl walked in who reeked of smoke. I got so nausiated, I wanted to throw up. Inconsiderate!
Yesterday, I was in the gas station, and a scene from the movie "I'm gonna get you Sucker" flashed before me.

Guy: "Can I have 2 buffalo wings"
Attendend "What?"
Guy: "Can I have 2 buffalo wings"
Attendend "They are 4 for $3.49"

I was waiting for him to ask "How much for 1 rib?"
but he looked at the change he had in his hand and walked away.

I felt sorry for him, and I breifly thought, I'll buy his lunch.
Then I look in his hand and there was a brand new pack of cigarettes.
Forget it, I'm not buying you lunch. If you'd rather spend $4 on cigarettes than eat, that's your problem. Stupid!


tammara said...

Such is the nature of addiction.

On a similar note, for you parents out there, do you know that the percentage of adult smokers who began smoking before 18 is about 80%? (You can find statistics that say anything between 70-90%.)

If you can keep them from smoking during the time they are financially dependent on you - you can probably keep them from EVER trying it.

tammara said...

ps - Michelle - love the new layout! Looks great!