Thursday, December 21, 2006

See you next year.

By the time you hear from me again, we will have sold our house and moved into our new house. I can't wait only 1 week away. We do our walk-through today. I'll post pictures later. Let me just tell you how awesome God is. His timing is perfect. I'm glad the other 2 offers on our house fell through. Instead of having to store our stuff and move in with my mom, he has worked it out to where we are closing withing a week of each other and we will get to move directly from one house to the next. Awesome.

Also on a side note. Just wanted to tell my husband THANK YOU. You have truly been amazing this week. Thanks for washing, drying, hanging all the clothes, cooking, cleaning out the fridge, packing, staying home with the girls on your days off. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Which reindeer are you?

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smarter than the average bear

Joe Barbera one the the creators of "Tom & Jerry", "Yogi Bear", "the Flinstones", "Huckleberry Hound and Friends," "Top Cat," "Scooby-Doo," "Johnny Quest," "The Jetsons" and "Animal Follies", passed away yesterday. Let me just say the days that I spent watching these shows were hours well spent. I can still remember getting a highlighter and highlighting each day what shows I would watch. I need to get my kids a dvd of Tom & Jerrry. Now that my friends was a good cartoon, no voices and simply funny.

Bad Words

The other day Isabel was upset at me.
Belle: Do you want me to say that bad word again?
Me: What bad word?
Belle: You know "I don't want to be your friend anymore" that one.

Belle and Emma were fighting over something.
Belle said "but I had it first"
I said "So!"
Belle said "Don't tell me so, that's a bad word. Do you want me telling you so?"
I said "You're right, I'm sorry"

Now I have to try and elimate that out of my vocabulary, that or find a substitute.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our Deepest Fear

Our Deepest Fear
by Marianne Williamson
from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles
(also quoted in the movie Akeelah and the Bee)

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

The Other Side

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Costco Adventures

I only have 2 kids. 3 and 2 years old. Going to costco can be an adventure. The one thing that I like about Costco is that it's cart is big enough to put two kids in the front of the basket. I dread going by myself with the girls. This is how it goes. The girls love to play which is fine but their playing includes alot of screaming, hugging, hitting, laughing, loud talking, more screaming, some crying, etc.....

I on the other hand am trying to concentrate on the shopping, and being ADHD, it is very difficult for me to concentrate on something with alot of other distractions. So I get fustrated, and can't wait to get out of costco. I try to ignore them, try to confort them, try to tell them to be quiet, try to be firm, try to threaten, nothing works for a long period of time. Then I get fed up and leave.

Yesterday we went to costco as a family, and my husband got to experience what I experienced. Am I just letting my kids have too much fun in the store? It's not like they are running around like animals? How do your kids act in the grocery store?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And the story continues...

Guess what? Eddie found my charger to my camera. It was in a wire basket in a kitchen cabinet. This was after I went to batteries plus, bought a $60 charger. Got back to work and realized that the AC adapter didn't work. Took it back to the store where I found that indeed it does work. Returned it anyways because if I didn't find mine, I could order one online for like $14. As I was heading back to work wondering how in the heck I was going to charge my batteries, I got the phone call from my hubby. It was the sweetest 3 words I had heard all day. "I found it".

Daily Bread:
The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.
Psalm 147 : 11

Monday, December 11, 2006

My Middle Name? I lost it

I am always loosing everything. I can't find the charger to my camera and I need it. Both batteries are completely dead. The girls are performing in a Christmas program at school and I want to take pictures. So I'm just going to have to buy another one. That sucks.
Anyways, I finished making my Christmas gifts. Finally. I can't say what it is, because my family reads this blog. But they are great. Tomorrow I can hopefully post pictures of my little angels.

Daily Bread:

Cast all your anxiety on God because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5 : 7

Friday, December 08, 2006

His Timing. Part 1

We had been looking to get Isabel the Barbie Sounds so sweet trike from Fisher Price. I found it on for 34.00 plus shipping. Then thought I found it on craigslist for $15 but it had already sold. We waited. We searched high and low, walmart, target, toys r us, everywhere, and we could not find it anywhere. So back to SOLD OUT! Well I accepted the fact that Isabel wouldn't be getting one after all. Then last night Eddie called and told me that he found it and the boy one for sell in Ft Worth. The guy is selling both together for $10. Isn't God great. Now we have to figure out who we are going to give the boy one to.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another ADHD Moment

This morning was going well until after I left the house, I realized that I left my purse at home. Eventhough as I was walking out. I said to myself "Self, don't forget your purse". Well I put everything I had in my hands in the car, I put the girls in the car. I even went back in to get their poptarts. But I forgot my purse. That means: No makeup, no money. Then I got to the girls school 40 min. later and realized that Emma’s coat was not in the car. I on the other hand had 3 coats in the car. I was going to stop by my mom’s to get some makeup, but I felt so bad about leaving Emma’s coat at home, that I just went straight to work. If she doesn’t get a coat, I don’t get makeup. Luckily I brought my lunch.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006's that time again

Well I've gotten 2 of my gifts this year. My husband bought me a new stero for my car. It has a cd player and a auxilary input for my ipod. I love it. My grandma ordered me this book, but won't come out until Jan 07. I loved the first book by this author, and have been waiting a year for this one to come out in paperback. It's a murder/suspense book. I've gotten the gift making almost done and most of the shopping done. Still got to go sing at a nursing home, and pass out candy/nut bags to a low income neighborhood. Parties to attend and give. Packing and moving to do. This is going to be a busy month.

Finally got in

Ok, I got my blogger back up and running again.... I've been away for so long.

Still haven't closed on selling our house. The lender wanted another apprasial. That was done on Monday. It's Wednesday, and we still haven't heard anything. I have faith that God will work this out in his perfect timing.

The last I heard, we should be closing on our new house in the last week of December, I'm of course hoping for sooner.

Verse of this day:

I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
Jeremiah 32:27

From another PC

Can log into the new blogger beta from my pc, so using another pc. Will work at trying to fix the issues. Until then, adios.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Homeless among us

I never thought that I would be related to a homeless person. This person struggles with drug addiction. He'll be doing good for a while, will have a job, place to live, a vehicle and then he gets his check and sees that 1/2 of it is going to back child support. So he gets depressed after awhile, and slips back into old habits. It's so sad, he has back problems, liver problems, and who knows what else. As a family, we have helped him get on his feet over and over and over again. But how can you help someone who won't help themselves? Currently, he's living on the streets close by where I work. I'll be taking him left over thanksgiving food today. He's homeless, no place to sleep, no real meals, no clean clothes. Sad just sad. I think about Thursday, it's going to get below freezing. What will he do? Where will he go? Is this where his life is destined to be? That's the million dollar question.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Living out of a suitcase

Well we've got a contract on our house... I know what you're thinking. Yes we did take it off the market, but a real estate investor wants to buy it. We should close on it this Wednesday or the following Monday. Then we have 2 weeks to get out. Our new house that we had started builing back in September will be done and ready to move in by Jan 3rd, if not sooner. So to say that the next month is going to be hectic is an under statement. We will be living with my mom in her 2 bedroom apt. Pray for her sanity, because she is not used to having 4 extra people in her apt, much less when 2 of them are fighting or crying.

Anyways, let me leave you with this:

Me: Isabel, how many friends do you have.
Isabel: too..... too many

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let's Say Thanks to our Soldiers

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to ask you to join in "Let's Say
Thanks" that is being sponsored by Xerox.
It's free, important and only takes a moment. When you have a moment, please
go to this website:

SELECT a thank-you card, ADD a greeting (select one of theirs or write your
own), Xerox will PRINT and MAIL the card to a U.S. Soldier, Marine, Sailor
or Airman serving overseas. It couldn't be simpler for us to do --
especially compared to what they do for us.

This is the real deal...I checked it out on

The Miracles of Today

I got a phone call last night from my pastor of when I used to live in another city. He wanted to share with me the great things God was doing in the church and in other peoples lives.
A brief history about my pastor, he was a drug addict for 40 years before he gave his life over to Christ. About 3 months ago he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He got it from the needles he used. Well, people layed hands on him and prayed for him. He went back to the doctor and the Hepatitis C is completely gone.
He was telling his story to a couple and they wanted him to pray for their son (30 years old), who had a brain tumor. He went and prayed for the son. The son went to have another MRI done. The doctor asked why, he told the doctor and the he believed that God was going to heal him. So another MRI was done and the tumor was still there. The went ahead and started the 4 hour surgery. One hour into it, the doctor came out and told them that they had their miracle. The tumor was not there.

Isn't God awesome?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Total Rip-off

I was going to order a Cinderalla backpack for Isabel for Christmas it was on sale for $9.99. When I went to checkout the shipping came out to be $8.50. Can you believe that? I'm not paying $8.50 in shipping. I'll just have to go and see if I can find one in a store somewhere.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Miss Helper

I'm teaching Isabel to operate the microwave. She can open it, put the cups of milk in, close it, put 30 seconds, and start. The other day, Emma and I were in the kitchen, I was going to heat up their milk. I called for Isabel to help, but she was busy. I proceeded to put the milk in. Then a little voice from below said
"How bout me?" Ahhhh, Emma wanted to help. So I let her press the start button. I sometimes forget that she's 2 and growing up and won't be my little baby forever.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Just two days ago a girl named Justine was killled in a car accident. I remember when she was born 14 years ago on Halloween. Her mom's boyfriend was driving the car and was also killed. I found out that the person who hit them was drunk, and he came out fine. When are people going to learn. Please remeber if you are going to drink, please have a designated driver. Also always make sure that your kids are in proper restraints. It amazes me how many people don't have there kids in car seats.

During 2004, 7,810 passenger vehicle occupants under 15 years old were involved in fatal crashes. For those children, where restraint use was known, 29 percent were unrestrained; among those who were fatally injured, 50 percent were unrestrained. (NHTSA, 2005)

It is estimated that 451 children under age 5 were saved as a result of child restraint use in 2004; if all children under 5 had used child safety seats an estimated 566 lives (that is, an additional 114) could have been saved. An estimated 7,472 lives were saved by child restraints from 1975-2004. (NHTSA, 2005)

In 2003, 21 percent of the children under 15 years old who were killed in motor vehicle crashes were killed in alcohol-related crashes. (NHTSA, 2004)
Of the children 0-14 years old who were killed in alcohol-related crashes during 2003, 47 percent (209) were passengers in vehicles with drivers who had been drinking. (NHTSA, 2004)

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children from two to 14 years of age.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A New Frontier - Digital Scrapbooking

Well I've been thinking about switching to digital scrapbooking for many reasons.
1. It's cheaper
2. I don't have to be confined to my scrapbooking room.
3. Everything can be done on my laptop.
4. Did I mention that it's cheaper.

Well I tried it out and this is my first page. I don't know. I may create one 8x8 album as a "let's try it out and see if I like it".
I'll let you know.

Staying in Touch

On Friday I was going through my contacts and came across the number of a old college buddy. I decided to give her a call, and I'm so glad I did. I found out that she lives in Houston now, and has a daughter. It was so good talking to her.
Please keep her daughter Taylor Blankenship in prayer. Next summer, after she turns 1, she will have to undergo open heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart.
Kristi, if you are reading this, you and your family are in my prayers. I'll talk to ya soon.

"Now, my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 2 Chronicles 6:40

Friday, November 03, 2006

Your voice counts

Don't forget to vote if you haven't already done so. General election is on Tuesday, Nov 7th. If you are not sure if you are registered or not you can find out.

ie. I googled Dallas County Voter Registration. I found the site where I can just type in my name and it told me where I was to go and vote and other information. If you don't have your voter registration card, don't worry all you need is your driver's license.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back atcha John Kerry

If you haven't seen this, it's quite funny.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween is Finally Over

It's been an exhausting week and 1/2. Out of the 3 nights that we had the haunted house at our church, 31 people became new believers. Thank you Felicia for watching the girls on those 3 nights. Sorry girls that you didn't get to go trick or treating, it was too cold outside, too dark, and you have enough candy from your carival and school parties. Actually, you may never go trick or treating, because as soon as your old enough to care about going, you'll be old enough to participate in the hauted house. Don't worry, you'll still get plenty of candy.
Well I'm glad it's over, now gotta prepare for Thanksgiving. Hmmmm just thinking about turkey, ham, dressing, greenbean casserole, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries, tamales, pozole, asado.... oh my gosh, I'm getting hungry....
I can't wait only 3 weeks away.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nine Weird Things.... I tagged myself so that makes 10

1. I can't walk into a pitch black room, very scary. I know that there is someone in there waiting to get me.
2. I can't sleep with my feet sticking out of the covers. I know that there is someone there waiting to get me.
3. I love cherries, but not cherry flavor stuff.
4. I love onion straws, onion loaves, thin onion rings, but can't eat raw onions on my hamburger.
5. Me and my husband have the same shoe size so we share shoes. Well I wear his, he doesn't wear mine.
6. I cut my own hair, and I cut it short, and it looks good. Can't be paying no one to do it for $48 dollars, when I can do it for free. (I used a double negative, bad Michelle, bad)
7. I listen to talk radio rather than real radio. I used to think that people who listened to talk radio were old and uncool. I know for a fact that I'm not old and I am very cool.
8. Sometimes I wish I can collapse on the kitchen floor and suck my fingers and rest, just like my daughter does.
9. I love that my 3 year old is headstrong, cause I know she won't take crap from no one, she ask why about everything, and stands her ground. What sucks is that she does it to me as well. We need to find a happy medium.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Need Sleep

Been practicing at church everynight this week from 7-11pm.
And then I get up at 5:30 am.
I'm exhausted.

But, the Judgement Day haunted house will be awesome. It's free.
Will be open this Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday from 7-10pm

If any of you want more info like where it's going to be at, you can email me.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10 trees for $10

If you are looking for some trees to plant at your home, visit You sign up for $10 and they will send you 10 trees. You put in your zip code and they will so you different collections of trees that grow best in your area. Great Deal!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Low gas prices

Glad to be back. Just want to let everyone who lives in Arlington know that on the corner of Pleasant Ridge and Bowen there are 3 gas stations that compete. Race Track, Quick Trip and Citco. As of last night the price at all 3 is $1.88.
So it took me $19.46 to fill up my new car. Wow.

Monday, October 16, 2006

On vacation....but a lesson in colors

Well right now I'm on vacation. A real vacation. Not those vacations where you get up early, spend the entire day sight seeing, spending lots of money and exhausted at the end of the day. No, this is a real vacation. I'm at my grandma's house. All we are going to do is eat, sleep, shop, and watch lots of TV. So with that being said, I will not be blogging the remainder of the week... but I wanted to leave you with this story..

Everytime Isabel goes potty she says "I'm done" and we reply with "did you pee-pee or poo-poo" (because if she just pee-pees, she can wipe herself, if she poo-poos we help her out.)
She reples "I poo-pooed" So Eddie goes in the bathroom and says "Man that's a big one", and without skipping a beat she asks "Is it green or brown?"

Friday, October 13, 2006

Goodbye my love it's time to go

Well we sold the van. I loved that van, I drove it for exactly 3 years. I would have kept it forever. So sad to drive off and leave it behind. Good news is that we don't owe 15,000 on it anymore. Better news is that I'll be picking up my grandma's car on Monday. 97' Chevy Lumina 32,000 miles. Sweet.
I'll miss you van. I'll miss you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Like Night and Day

On the driveway there was a butterfly, dead I assume because it wasn't moving and it's wings were flapping in the wind.

Isabel sees the butterfly and says "Ahhh look at the butterfly"
Emma sees the butterfly and gives it a big STOMP.

Isabel: Uhh, she killed it.
Me: No I think it was dead
Isabel: No, she did it.
Emma: (Fled the scene on foot)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pony Party

Well Emma's 2nd party was on Saturday... Everything went good except that Emma fell asleep 45 before the party started, so I had to wake her up. That meant that she wasn't as happy as can be. She wasn't cranky, she was just not cheerful. As the day progressed she got better. My mom made the cake and did a wonderful job as usual. Also she made cupcakes inside of ice-cream cones. Those were a hit. Emma got tons of clothes and some toys... It was a great sucess.. Here are some pics.

Dora the Explorer Cake

Cake Icecream

A little smile

Cowgirl Emma

Are you there God, it's me Michelle

Silly question... I know you are there, you are so awesome.
Ok, last week we put our van on craigslist for sale and then also on
We've had four calls on it since Friday. We couldn't show it this weekend for various reasons, but we are going to show it to 2 people tonight. Hopefully one of them will buy it. Also after 2 months of having no one come and look at the house someone called 30 minutes ago. They wanted to see it between 12:30-2:30. I had to call them back and tell them no, because the playroom is a wreck, my bathroom is a wreck, I was in the middle of washing clothes so I've got piles of clothes everywhere. We told them tonight between 5:30 - 7:30. That means I've got to get home and bust my butt... Eddie will be there, so hopefully he'll get most of it done.

Timing....God's timing is perfect.

Well all along we were praying that we'd sell our house. We started construction on another house, and the deadline to get out of that contract is Nov 30. Our hearts desire is to get out of debt, and God knows that. Since we hadn't shown the house in 2 months, we had given up and came to the conclusion that we were just going to stay. We love our house, but it is expensive to maintain (taxes, distance, still no landscaping, still no fence). So here goes.

God you know that we want to get out of debt. We got rid of cable, internet and the phone. We are even selling the van, and selling the house would be awesome. So whatever your plan is for us we'll take it. Your plan is better than our plan. If you want us to stay in the house fine, if not, fine. You be our guide. We totally turn the situation over to you. In any event, I know that you will always provide our needs plus some. I ask this all in the name of Jesus... Amen

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oops I did it again....

So last night I was driving home, I turned onto the main street that leads to my house. I was going 40... There was a car behind me.... right behind me.. I'm thinking to myself I hope that's not a cop, but if it is, I'm ok, because I'm going 40. Wrong!... The lights go off. Dang It. I put my signal on and turn onto a small street. Isabel "What's wrong Mommy?" Nothing... "Why did you say 'Dang it'?".. Cause I got pulled over... So I wait and roll down my window. The cops comes up. I look and...

Me: "Oh my gosh, It's me again!"...
it was the same officer that had pulled me over 2 weeks ago.
Officer De La Santos: "Weren't you driving a different car..."
Me: "No same car"
ODLS: "Oh I thougt it was a car. Were you on your way home?"
Me: "Of course"
ODLS: "Well, the reason I stopped you, was because you were going 43 in a 30"
Me: "No way!, I thought the speed limit was 40, hey but at least I have my driver's license and insurance card this time"... smiling big...
ODLS: "Ok, let me see" then he looks at Emma in the back seat "This one here is giving me a mean look, I think she's mad at me"
Me: "Oh is she mad-dogging you, sorry."
ODLS: Smiling... "I'll be right back"

He comes back...

ODLS: "Didn't I give you a warning last time?"
Me: "Yeah, but that was for a broken headlight." Another big smile.
ODLS: rolling his eyes, with the you got me look... "ok, do me a favor and slow it down"
Me: "Ok, thanks, but I really did think it was 40.. and you won't see me agian.. promise"

Whewwwww... got out of another one... I told Isabel "You dad is going to kill me"
So the rest of the way home, she would ask "When is daddy going to kill you?"
Not tonight thankfully he's working.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't rush great art, but you can try

On Friday, when I picked up Isabel from school, she didn't want to leave because she was painting a horse. As I watched her paint, I thought to myself, holy cow this is going to take forever, we'll never make it to the homecoming game on time, if she continues painting this way. See they use a long q-tip as their paintbrush. So she was putting the q-tip in the paint and putting a dot on the paper. Dot, by dot, she was painting the head... ok, I had to figure out how to get this girl to hurry up and paint so

I said "Isabel, can I help you color?"
"I'm painting, not coloring."
"Can I help you paint?"

She handed over the "paintbrush", and I proceeded to paint but moving the q-tip back and forth, to get more coverage. I handed it back to her and she continued to do the same. So instead of 2 hours it only took 10 minutes for her to finish. She was so proud. What sucks about the whole thing, is that when we got up to leave, she had to leave the painting there, because it was wet and had to dry. She didn't like that one bit.

Your mercies are new every morning....

so I run to you.

Everyday that I wake Isabel up to go to school, I know I'm in for a fight. All the kicking, crying, wining (I don't want to go to school) over and over and over again). She does this every single day, all the way to school. And when we get there, she kicks and screams some more. The teachers seem to be sympatheic with me but I can't help to wonder if they are saying in the back of their heads "Here we go again"...

This morning I prayed "Lord, please don't let Isabel cry, please give me patience, don't teach me patience, just give it to me"

So we are off... I wake her up and she cries, I get her in the car and she cries... oh no not agian. As we are driving over the lake I turn the music off and turn around (I know I'm driving, but it was only for a sec)... I say

"Isabel, do you like fighting with Mommy?"
She nods her head no
"Well it makes Mommy very sad when you fight with me. Can you not fight with me anymore?"
She nods her head yes
"Ok, do you want to help Mommy take Emma to class?"
She nods her head yes
"Then you will go to class, and not cry and Mommy will go to work"
She does nothing.
"Do you want me to sit with you for a while when we get to school?"
She nods her head yes

After that, the rest of the ride was peaceful. She sang to herself and struck up a conversation with Emma.
We got to school, Emma fell outside, blood and everything. Got her cleaned up and took her to class, I sat with Isabel for a minute and told her I had to go to work. She gave me a kiss and hug and said "Ok, bye Mommy"

As I walked out, I was is awe. I think the teachers were too.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Red October

So, we've been at our house for 1.5 years... since May of 2005. Eddie would tell you that he's been there since March of 2004, cause that's when we started building it. Ok, he not we. I did help clean all the ruble dirt, and I did screw in all the electrical plates, and other stuff. Anyways, we have not planted a single tree. I did plant some plants in some planters that sit on either side of the door, but they have all died.... so we are going to plant these trees. Aren't they beautiful... We are going to plant them in the back because that's where we get the most sun. But I just love that they are red, cause they match our front door. I can't wait until they are this big....They are on sell at Home Depot $45, (20 gallon trees).. A bargain.

50 Years.....with 50 more to go....

This is more for memorie sake...
My mom turned 50 on Saturday. We had a great day. Eddie made breakfast for us, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and french toast...mmmm good.
Then that evening we went out to eat at Red Robin, then went to shoot some pool and go bowling.
The only mishap was that after we had all finished eating, Emma started to choke on a french fry which caused her to throw up everying....
Yesterday, we went to Chucky Cheese after church with some friends to celebrate Emma's birthday, her official party is this Saturday. Can't wait.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Emma, with love.

Wow I can't believe that you are going to be 2 on Sunday. Well just wanted to let you know that Mama and Papa love you very much and we have alot of fun being your parents. You have really amazed us these last 2 years. You know, your Papa wants to train you to be our little cage fighter. I just laugh when he says that. Ok, just so you know I'm going to list all your accomplishments and things you like

1. You can sing "I Love You Lord" in English and in Spanish.
2. You can sing your ABC's (Well I know that it's your abc's).
3. You can count to 10 in Spanish and English.
4. You love to watch Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, and Ice Age.
5. You love to pick on your older sister, pull her hair, scratch...
6. You love to take baths, and drink the bath water.
7. You can blow bubbles in the bathtub.
8. You love to ride your fire engine.
9. Anything that Belle does, you want to do it too.
10. You let your sister cover you face with makeup.
11. Playing on the stairs is you favorite passtime.
12. The other day you saw a tree and said "tree" then saw another one and said "two tree"
13. You have a great laugh, and you love it when I tickle you.
14. You still put your two fingers in your mouth backwards and suck on them.
15. You know all your body parts in Spanish and English.
16. You know Up and Down
17. You went to Mexico this year.... I've never been.
18. You can sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Cinco Patitos", and "Bubbles"
19. You can quote a line from "Ice Age".... "Where's the baby?... there he is"
20. You are one amazing child.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Has anyone ever done pilates? Well I tried it for the 2nd time on Sunday. I popped my dvd in and ventured out to try the 20 minute workout. It being Sunday morning, 20 minutes was all I had. First of all, I don't see how anyone who isn't already in shape could do these moves. M. Windsor had me putting my feet over my head. I can't even get my feet to be perpendicular to the ground. So that move was out. The one where you sit with your feet together, tap 3 times, roll back and tap 3 times was impossible, I could never get back to the sitting position.
I was so relieved when the 20 minutes were over. Needless to say, my abs are sore and so is are the muscles in my back. So even if I didn't do all the moves correctly, I did get some benefit out of it. Right? If the soreness doesn't go away in my neck and back area, then that means I screwed up something along the way, and that wouldn't be good.

Steven Baldwin

See this post on Steven Baldin

I knew that he was a Christian. I can't wait to read the book. The first chapter was very interesting, and makes me want to read more.
Also check out the video on the Today Show webpage.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gas Buddy

Wanna find low gas prices?


For you DFW people go directly to:

Dallas Gas Prices
Fort Worth Gas Prices

Child Talk

This is what I heard while driving to the park.

Nephew: Well, I'm bigger than you Isabel?
Isabel: Oh well, I'm bigger than Emma.
Nephew: Well you're not the boss of me.
Isabel: (Silent)
Me: Well I'm the boss of you so you both be quiet.
Isabel: (with great satisfaction) See my mom is the boss of you.
Nephew: (Silent)
Isabel: (Silent)
Emma: (Oblivious to everything)

Mission Accomplished!


Me: Hey Isabel, did you have fun in school?
Isabel: Yes
Me: What are your friends names?
Isabel: Ian, Aspen, Faith, Amanda...
Me: What about Andres? (who she's known all her life and sees every Wed. and Sun.)
Isabel: Oh, he's in my class.

Emma: Hi mama.
Me: Hi Emma, did you have fun in school today?
Emma: (shaking her head yes)
Me: What did you do?
Emma: Play.
Me: (Short and sweet, I like that)

Yoplait Pink Tops

Did you know that you can save the pink tops that are on the yoplait yogurt cups?If you wash them and send them it, yopait will donate 10 cents to the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Fund. This will continue until the end of the year.
Since we go through tons of yogurt, I think I will do this one. I've lost 2 family members to breast cancer. My grandma is a 6 year breast cancer survivor.

More Information

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Craig - Whatcha got?

Was recently introduced to Craigslist about a week ago. My husband and I have been hooked ever since. You can post for free and search in your local area for anything. We are currently looking for a wooden swing set/fort for our girls. Check it out...

Day 4

This is the 4th day in a row that I have gotten up early to workout at home. I work out from 5:30 - 6:00. You know I have alot more energy now. You should try it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Now, a drink named Cocaine, has got to really really bad for you. NBC did a piece on it last night. What is it about energy drinks? Red Bull, Tab Energy, Monster, etc... These are really bad for you. Don't people know that if you exercise, eat right or sleep well, you'll have plenty of energy?

Cocaine Energy Drink

Friday, September 15, 2006

Smoke Alarms

Go to this link and if you are able WATCH THE VIDEO.

Can be purchased at:
KidSmart 10012VSD Vocal Smoke Alarm

The best deals are on ebay.. search for vocal smoke alarm.

Thanks to MomTeacherFriend for this link.

Lesson to be learned

About 2 months ago, I got pulled over for speeding. Because I couldn't find my insurance card and had lost my driver's license, I got 2 tickets for that, but not speeding. In GP, the two tickets were dismissed. On Wednesday night I got pulled over again about 1/2 mile from my house for a headlight that was out. Again no driver's license or insurance card... See Eddie and just cleaned out the car the day before in hopes that we could sell it soon. So he took everything out. The cop was nice enough to let me go, after talking on the phone with my husband to verify the insurance information and vin. I've never gotten out of a ticket before. Of course it probably helped that the cop was hispanic, and that I had the fire dept sticker on my windshield. So there was mutual respect. Also I had a sleeping baby in the back, and was sincerely sorry for not having proper idenification on me. I promised I'd go home and put everything back in the car, and I did.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Becareful, Your kid could be next!

Last night Isabel came home not feeling well at all. She didn't want to eat or do anything, except play with her VTECH. At 7:00 I gave her some motrin cause she had a fever. We were at my mom's so there was no thermometer. We finished watching "Dancing with the Stars", and wow Emmit and Mario can move. That's who we voted for. Anyways... got home and put the girls in bed. At 12:30 Isabel was hot and shivering and threw up nothing. I gave her some Tylenol. At 2:30 she awoke again, complaining that her stomach hurt, realizing that she didn't eat dinner, I thought it might be hunger pains. She scarfed down grapes and a couple of baby carrots, a slice of cheese and a piece of ham, all while watching her Mickey Mouse DVD. The she threw up. We were up until about 4:45 and that 's when I put her back into bed. She had a 101.5 fever. At 6:30 she awoke again. Another dose of Motrin... her fever 104.5... That's when I got concerned. Do we take her to the ER? Do we wait it out? We decided to try to bring down the fever and wait to call her doctor at 9:00. By 9:00 the fever was down to 100.5.... Called the doc, and he said keep doing what we're doing....So I came to work....

I hope my baby gets better soon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cold, Sweaty Night

Do you ever have one of those nights where it's cold, because you have the fan on, so you get under your covers, but then get so hot that you sweat. You can't get out of bed to turn off the fan because it's so cold, and since your sweaty that makes you shiver. What to do? Last night was one of those nights. At 4:30 I finally got the courage to turn off the fan, and uncover myself for a little while so that I wouldn't be hot or cold. I hope I don't catch pnemonia.

Monday, September 11, 2006


For all who lost there lives today 5 years ago. The civilians, the policemen, the firemen. I remember you.

Thanks to all the first responders who continue on a daily basis serving their cities, saving lives. Thanks to all the soldiers who have fought to bring justice for 9-11. I remember you.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Felicia

Happy Birthday to the greatest sister of all.

You are always doing stuff for me, Eddie and the kids. No one can ever compare to you as a sister.
I remember when you and Eddie beat up some guys defending my honor. (Back in our crazy days)
I remember as kids we would fight like cats and dogs daily, and when mom wouldn't speak to us, we'd make up.
I remember when you went off to the Marines, I was glad, cause I had the whole room to myself. Then sad, because you were'nt there to clean it. (ha ha) And after 3 months I was was happy to see you again because I missed you.
I remember when you copied me and bought a white civic after I bought my black civic and then you turn around and buy my dream car, a mustang.
Thank you for always being so generous, like the time you brought me lunch at work
and the time that you bought me Uggs for Christmas, eventhough I had no clue what they were.
The time you bought me a Seiko Kinetic watch from the "Pawnshop" that you worked at.
You are always thinking about me. Thank You..
We had 29 great years together, hope we have many many more.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fun-Filled Weekend

Friday night - Spent 5 hours decorating my classroom at church.
Saturday - Grocery shopped until I dropped
Saturday night - Went to our teacher kick-off party, where I won 1st place for the room decoration contest (2nd year in a row). Thanks to all you teachers who put your ideas out on the internet.
Sunday - Church and a pool party that night (I did not swim) I was in the kitchen with the other ladies making homemade tostadas. YUMMY
Monday - Cooked a big breakfast for my in-laws, then went to my sisters and cook-out for lunch, then went to see the movie World Trade Center.

I'm ready for a vacation now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well on October 1st, Emma will turn 2 so we are going to give her a party. The party will actually be on Oct 7th. We are going to have a petting zoo with ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, and a pony that the kiddos can ride. The party is going to be at my sister's house. She also has a trampoline. That is going to be so fun.
Emma is gonna love it.

Westland Ranch

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Year Ago

I can't believe it's been a year since Hurricane Katrina hit. I was watching a special on TV last night with Brian Williams. As I was watching this special my heart just cried. It was so sad. I forgot the specifics of what happened. There was footage of the people in the superdome before the hurricane, during the hurricane and after. I cried as I watched a mother hold her naked baby trying to feed it from a bottle, water I think. The baby was so hot, and lifeless in his mothers arms. Another mother with 3 babies, all hungry and thirsty. The man laying on the sidewalk, with people around him encourageing him to live. The people dead in wheelchairs and on the ground, from lack of food, water, medicine.
How could this have happened in America? Why did it take days for any food and water to get to these people. The head of Fema at the time said days later that they just found out. Idiot. Does he not watch the news? Brian Williams was there every day reporting. How could he not have known. The question of race has come up several times. If this had happened in Myrtle Beach, would it have taken as long to get people food and water? Sad so sad. I just don't get it. There are people in this country worth millions and billions, and we couldn't send helicopters of food? I just don't get it. There was an update. The lifeless baby lived. Praise God. I don't know what I would have done in that situation, the desperation those people felt, hungry, thirsty, hot, suffering, hopeless. Makes me realize that my problems are miniscule compared to what the victims of Hurricane Katrina went through.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Test

God is really testing our faith and patience. The women who was going to buy our house may not buy it after all. I found out on Friday that she left to Mississippi to be with her mother who was attack and left for dead. She doesn't know if or when she's coming back to town, or even if she still wants to buy the house.

First I want to pray for the woman that was attached. Secondly, I want to pray for the woman that was going to buy our house, that God will give her peace and wisdom on any decisions that she needs to make. Third, I was to pray for us. if this is not the person that is going to buy our house, I pray that God will provide us with another one quickI can't get my house back to show room condition, because we had already started packing. So I pray that we'll find a buyer that will overloook all the boxes, and will just love the house.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I forget to cut my girls nails. Why? you ask. Well I don't ever cut my nails, I don't ever remember cutting my nails as a kid. So I do think to cut their nails either. Only when I see that Emma has scratched Isabel or vice-versa will it dawn on me that their nails may be too long. I've thought about setting a reminder in my palm pilot maybe every 2 weeks to remind myself to cut their nails. Does this make me a bad mom? Does anyone else a this same problem or something similar?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A new journey

Well we put the money down to begin construction on our new house. It will be completed by Jan 3rd, and we will close on Jan 9th. The contractor said it could be in December, but definately no later than Jan 3rd. Just called my realtor to confirm that we will close on our house on Sept 15.

The hardest thing about this whole thing is going to be preparing Isabel for the move. At the age of 3, she knows that that is her house. I told her the other night that we were going to get a new house, and live with Grandma for a while. She said "But I like this house, this is my house". I told her that it was someone else's turn to live in this house, but that she was going to get a brand new house.

We are going to decorate her room all Cinderella. I have a cool Cinderella Bed topper already and posters.. I went to home depot and they have paint card that shows a Cinderella room, all the paint colors and how to paint it. For Emma I think I'll do Dora the Explorer, she loves that show. Gotta find an example Dora room.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Prayer Update

My mom got the job!!!! God is so good.

Found a house

Well not really, we are going to get one built. We looked at alot of houses and just couldn't find one that we liked in our price range, in a nice neighborhood, and where we wouldn't have to spend more money on doing remodeling. For the same price we are going to build a brand new home on a good-size lot, in a great area. Mansfield. I'm going to go put the earnest money down today. We'll live with my mom during the construction time. The house should be finished in January. It's going to cut our drive time to church and to the girls school about 15 minutes. So that's half. I like that. Also forgot to mention that in the month of August, they take $20,000 off the price of the house. I like that even better.

Link to house

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back at cha

Yesterday we were going to church and Isabel was whining that she wanted her Barbie.

"Sorry, it's on the floor so you'll have to wait until we get to church"
"By the way, where's my mouse that I gave you?"

"I threw it on the floor. You gonna have to wait too. Sorry."

I'm in BIG trouble.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You are only as young as you feel

To all of you who are turning 30 or 40 this month.

David, Stephanie, Paul, Jeff.

Happy Birthday! I thank the Lord for giving you another year. May the Lord bless each of you and may you have a wonderful birthday.

Pray Pray Pray

My mother was told that she would be out of a job by Sept 1st. Another position has opened in her firm. She has been at that desk temporarily, and will have an interview today. Please pray for God's will in this situation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Watch who you mess with

Yesterday we were looking at houses again. There was a bug in this one house that had been abandoned. Isabel leans over the bug and says:
"Hey bug! You wanna piece of me?"

Couldn't help but laugh.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Just a test

I still have faith that our house will sell, so we will continue to look for another house.
This weeks study in sunday school was entitled "How to cope with life's uncertainties". The fact that all the studies the last couple of weeks have pertained to our situation is kinda cool. I hate this waiting game, I just wish we could sell our house. I mean I have already started packing, and just to have to stop and put everything on hold is nerve wrecking.

Daddy, I know you have a plan for us. Your perfect plan. You know how much we want this house sold, and how much we want to move. If it is in your will, please make it happen. Please let this guy who wanted to buy our house approved for a loan.

In Jesus name I pray.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Ant Bully

That would be the Valenzuela household. Just wanted to say thank you to my husband. There were ants in the bottom of our dirty clothes closet, so he stayed up until 12:45 am washing and folding all the clothes. He mopped and swept the house and treated the infected areas. Eddie you rock.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This can't be happening.

Well the offer that we put on the house was beat. No problem. There's another house that we like. I just got a call from Eddie. The people who are going to buy our house didn't get approved for a loan. Our agent is trying to figure out what's going on. But as of now we're stuck. Also last Saturday we turned down someone who wanted to see our house, we are going to have to have are agent call them up, and I'm going to have to get my house back to showroom condition.

Please be praying for this situation. We really want our house to sell.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Found One

Well we found a house that we like. Since it's an older home, it'll need some updating on the inside. Great backyard, with a door at the back gate that leads to the covered playground area of the elementary school. Nice gated pool too. 4 bedrooms with 3 full baths. Plenty of space throughout the house. I think we are going to put in the offer tomorrow or friday. Be in prayer about this. I pray that if this is the right house, everything will run smooth, as far as negotiations, inspections, apprasial, and closing.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Big Top

We went to the circus on Saturday night. Kinda of a last minute thing. After scouring my van for 5 minutes I found the free passes that we had for the girls. Not that it did any good, we ended up spending a fortune. We paid $15 for parking, cause who wants to walk far in 100 degree weather with two toddlers. Then we paid $27 a ticket for the adults (3 total). Hey I'm a firm believer of getting good seats. Then cotton candy was $10 each, but they did come with a cool hat. Then nachos, peanuts, coke and water. I spent well over $100. But I do have to say it was awesome. We were on the edge of our seats. I was so nervous for the performers, especially the ones that would walk on the outside of the big wheel, and the tight rope walkers. Funny thing though, the acrobatics are now being called sky surfing. weird. Anyways, it was a success, 2 minutes before it was over, we high-tailed it outta there, and managed to beat traffic. Can't wait until next year.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Great for kids

Just a reminder

This website is great for toddlers and kids learning how to read.

My 1 year old can recognize the letter A, say "Ahhhhhh" and "Apple"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Be Still

As I frantically search for the cd that has our 2005 and 2004 1040's on it. As me and my husband battle over the "perfect" house. As my little one clutches my neck as I leave her in daycare. As I wonder how I'm going to pack everything before Aug 25. I will calm down and remember this verse.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well they accepted our counter-offer, and they are also paying for the title transfer which will say us another $3,000. God is so good. Now we've got to get pre-approved, find the perfect house, pack and move all hopefully before Aug 28. This will definately be a crazy month. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This morning I was on 820 taking the girls to school. I noticed two cars on the right of me, one trying to get in.

Me: "Just let him in"

Isabel: "What are you saying mom?"

Me: "I'm talking to the car"

Isabel: "Why are you talking to the car. It doesn't have a mouth. Only us, only
us have a mouth. Look see (as she points to the car), see the car doesn't have a mouth."

Me: (Laughing) "You are so funny"

Isabel: (Laughting) "No, you funny. You talking to a car and it doesn't have a mouth. What's wrong with you girl"

You know I should take her to go see the movie Cars, so that she can see that some cars do have mouths.

Monday, July 31, 2006

We have an offer

We got an offer on our house. Yeah!. Not what we were wanting, so we counter-offered. We'll find out today if they accept. They want to close on Aug 28. God is so good. Just last Sunday our pastor had us write down a specific prayer on a card. Mine was that we'd sale our house before Aug 31. How awesome is that. I'll keep you posted on how things go. We still need for find a house for ourselves. We'll be doing that this week. We've been looking all along, but now we have to go and look at them. This month is going to be hectic. Pray that God will give us wisdom in finding our next home.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wanna do some good?


This Saturday at River Legacy Park at 7:45 am
$8 to enter before game day, can register at "The Runner" on west Pioneer.

Donated packaged/boxed/canned foods are encouraged for the Arlington Life Shelter; part of the race proceeds will go to that organization.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Makes no sense to me

President Bush on Thursday signed legislation extending for 25 years the Voting Rights Act, the historic 1965 law which opened polls to millions of black Americans by outlawing racist voting practices in the South.

Why just 25 years... Why not forever? Am I missing something?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This little piggy cried all the way home

Last night I was giving the girls a bath. Emma kept standing up, so I walked over to the bathtup to sit her down. As I approached the tile-lined tub, I slipped on some water on the floor and my right foot slammed into the tub. I screamed so loud. I though I had broken all my toes. After the numbness wore off I surveyed the damage. My middle toe is what was hurting. I couldn't bend it forward or backward. Today it still hurts, no brusing though, so I guess it's not broken, plus I can walk fairly well, although the shoes I wore today are a bit difficult to walk in, so I'm just kinda dragging my foot. I hope no one steps on it on accident. I'm liable to hit them if they do.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Spreadsheets

Just discovered the coolest thing, for me anyways. Google Spreadsheets. Why is this the coolest thing. Well for me and my husband, we keep our budget on a spreadsheet.
Usually I save it on a usb drive and carry it with me, just in case I need to view it or pay bills. Sometimes, Eddie wants to look at it, but can't because I left it at home, so I can't email it to him. What's cool about google spreadsheets, is that you can upload your spreadsheet into your exsisting google account (ie. gmail). Then you can invite someone to view it. Google will then send them an email and they can make modifications to it. The spreadsheet stays in the account, so it's their to view or modify at anytime. This is great. Just another way technology makes my life simpler.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fighting for truth, justice...

I saw Superman Returns this weekend. I liked it. I loved the opening scene of the movie, where the theme song is played. Disappointed that they left out "American Way", when describing what Superman stood for. Also wasn't too thrilled that his costumn had changed a little bit, a dark red cape instead of a bright red cape.

One section of the movie stuck out.

Superman: I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but I hear them crying for one everyday.

Superman is remembering Jor-El's last message to him from the first film]
They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.

We do need a Savior, and we have one in Jesus Christ. Just as Jor-El, sent Superman to save the world. God sent his son, Jesus Christ to save our world.
For God so loved the world that he sent His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Friday, July 21, 2006

The spell has been broken

It's been about 3 weeks since someone has looked at our house. After getting in the word, praying and getting rid of things I don't need, the dry spell is over. We got a call yesterday that someone wants to look at our house today at 10am. I got home at 8:00 last night and started cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Eddie is mowing the yard as we speak. I hope this is the one.

"Daddy, I pray that you will send the perfect people for this house. I pray that you will sheild their eyes to any imperfections. I pray that Eddie can finish mowing the yard on time. Thank you for all that you have given us thus far. Love you. In your Son's name I pray. Amen"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I couldv'e been a artist, nurse, or vet

Back when I was a youngster, It was always instilled in me that I would go to college. The only other person who had graduated from college was my Aunt Irma. She was my favorite aunt, she was my only aunt. I really looked up to her. She is a COBOL programmer and gave me my first computer in the 3rd grade. A TI-994A. Ancient.
Anyways growing up I wanted to be a programmer like her, but as years passed I would change my mind.
In the 2nd grade I decided I wanted to be a nurse. I would play doctor with my friends. When they would get hurt, they would come to me for a diagnosis. Weirdos. Didn't they realize that I really wasn't a nurse. Anyways.
In the 3rd grade I won 1st Place City-Wide for a Fire Prevention Poster contest. I won $25 and a bike. I kept that poster for like 7 years until one day I got mad and tore it up. I still regret that. Also in the 3rd grade I won 1st runner up in a programming contest. I still have the program that I wrote.
In the 7th grade I decided I wanted to be a vet, until I took biology in the 10th grade. I couldn't even disect a frog, it was the grossest thing ever. Ok being a vet is not for me.
So I switched back to programming. And that is what I do today. I like it, it's challenging. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to get back Family Time

How to get back family time and save money at the same time.
With our daycare cost going up, we needed to find a way to save some money.
So we cut out Dish Network, our home phone, and internet service.
This is going to save us $140, which is the amount per month that our daycare cost rose.
Totally ok with me. The only two shows that I watch are General Hospital and Grey's Anatomy, both which show on basic channels. Granted I'll miss DVR, so that means I'll have to bust out the old VCR if I ever need to record anything, or just call my sister to DVR something for me.
Don't really use the home phone much. Everyone calls me on my cell phone anyway.
Internet isn't being used much, because both Eddie and I have access at work, or my mom's or my sister's house.

What does this all mean. More family time.
Since the girls are going to start preschool on July 31, I'll need to start giving them a bath at night. 8:00 bath, in bed by 8:30 and hopefully asleep by 9:00. They will wake up at 7:00 is order to be in school by 8:00. Sounds like a plan to me.
With no cable I'll have the time to play with my kids more, clean more, and other stuff. This is going to be good. (I hope)... it will it's just an adjustment.
And I've also started bringing my lunch and cooking at home everynight.
Amazing how much money is saved when I do that.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We're back and in one piece.

We had a great time in New Braunfels. We went swimming at the Mushroom pool which is located at the resort at Schilterbaun. It only cost $7.50, and was a beach type pool. That was fine with me, at Isabel's age, I think she had more fun here than she would have at the big park. We also spent time at a library listening to Joe McDermott play his guitar and sing for the kids. It was quite hilarious. We also went to Inflatable World, which was a old theater converted to a space that housed tons of different bounce houses and slides. This was cool, because for $5 you could jump all day, leave to eat, and come back and jump some more. They even kept one of the screens up with a few chairs and had a movie playing for parents.
Eddie and Emma arrived on Saturday night. I was so happy to see them. When I picked Emma up, she just layed her head on my shoulder the entire time. I think she was happy to see me too.

As Eddie was telling me about their trip, he says,
"You're gonna kill me"
"Why", I asked
"Because I didn't use the car seat the entire time we were there."
"Why" I asked again in a more frightened voice.
"Because none of the cars had seat belts"

Can you believe that? No seat belts. My first question was "didn't your mother know that?" I mean she did say she'd see if one of her sisters would provide a car seat so we wouldn't take ours. She goes down there every year, how do you not remember that none of the cars have seat belts?

Anyways, I'm glad that they made it back in one piece.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Schlitterbaun: Here we come

Tomorrow, Isabel and I will be driving down to visit Dixie, a friend of mine in New Braunfels. We'll head out to Schlitterbaun on Thursday. I have fond memories of Schliterbaun. Dixie and I went there when I was 16 years old. We had a blast, and I'm sure we'll have a blast on Thursday... See Ya.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A great surprise

Eddie called me this morning from Mexico. I was shocked because he didn't take a calling card with him. I was wondering how the heck he was calling me. Then he said "Happy Anniversary!" Oops I forget, completely forgot. I'm so glad he remembered. We've been together 10 years and married for 7.

Happy Anniversary Eddie, may we make it to our 50th.

Recent Talks

So many new things...

Eddie and Emma are in Mexico. Isabel misses them. She has been asking about them alot. "I want my Daddy and my Emma"... I want them back too.

Isabel is in the "WHY" stage. Example.
"I've got to wash clothes"
"Because they are dirty"
"Because we wore them and got them dirty"
"Just because"
"Because you said so?"
"Yes, because I said so."

On Saturday, we went to the Taste of Dallas. After a while, Isabel wanted to get out of the stroller and walk, but didn't want to hold my hand. This was my opportunity to talk to her about strangers.

"Isabel, you have to hold mommy's hand, beause if you don't, a stranger, who is somebody you don't know, will grab you and take you away from mommy, and then you will never see mommmy again."

"I don't want the stranger to tak me away." "Go away stranger go away"

Let's just say she never let go of my hand, in fact she held it tighter.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I Dare You

Isabel is not a person who likes to give kisses, and neither am I. Let me clarify, I can kiss my girls all day long, and even my husband. What I don't like is kissing other people. Let me clarify further. In Eddie's family, when we go and visit, we get a peck on the cheek when we arrive and when we leave. I hate that. They know it too, cause they've stopped doing it to me. The furthest I'll go is touching cheek to cheek, but even that is pushing it. Heck in my family, we don't even hug when we see each other on a weekly basis, a simple "What's up" is good enough for us.
But, we are teaching our girls that when they see other family members, they should greet them with a hug, and when they leave, they should give them a kiss.

Isabel hates kisses. If I ask for a kiss, she'll flat out tell me "no". And poor Emma has picked up her habit as well, although not as bad.
If you attempt to kiss Isabel, she will wipe it off immediately, which totally cracks me up.

Well last night we were at my in-laws, when we were getting ready to leave. Isabel keeping saying that she wanted to stay there. So I opened my big mouth and said, "If you give Lito (her grandpa) a kiss, you can stay". She said "Ok". Went right over to him and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was shocked. So needless to say we let her stay the night. I know now, that I shouldn't dare Isabel to do anything, because she will call my bluff.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

End of the Spear

What a great movie. We saw this movie this weekend, and I really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend renting it. I won't go into any detail about the movie, in case you haven't seen it, but I will say one thing. It amazes me how the Gospel can reach anyone in the world, if we are willing to take it to anywhere in the world. I thank all of the missionaries that give their lives to reaches people that live in jungles and people that live in dangerous areas. Although not all of us can travel to Ecuador and present to Gospel to different tribes, we can reach the people in our own backyard.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A New Tradition Begins

Yesterday was our first official 4th of July Celebration as a family. In years past since my girls are only 1 and 3 yrs old, we wouldn't go out and watch the fireworks. Last night, we headed out to Lone Star Park. What a great time we had. As we were getting out of the car, an empty shuttle came and stopped right behind us. That was cool, because we didn't have to park. Then as Eddie was talking to the driver, the driver gave him free tickets for all of us to get in. What a blessing. Inside they had free face painting, bounce houses, a petting zoo and pony rides for the kids. The lines were ridiculously long.
My kids got to see the ponys from the side lines, got the pet the animals that were brushed up against the fence. The only lines we stood in were the bounce house slide (I'd say about 10 minutes), and the face painting (which was slow). As soon as Eddie came with the nachos we got out of the face painting line and headed for the car. On the same row as our car, we set up camp on the grassy median. Let me tell you, this was the perfect spot. The girls got to run around, and when the fireworks started they were right in front of us, and we could still here the music from inside the park. About 5 minutes before it ended, we headed for the car, and were about to get out of there without too much headache. This was a great time.

Friday, June 30, 2006

2 Down

We paid off 2 debts today... Yeah!... It feels good doing that.
I can't wait until the day when I can scream I'm debt free.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

High School Reunion

No I'm not going to my high school reunion. I it feels like I've been to one.
Within the last 2 weeks I've seen 2 people that I went to high school with.
First was Laurie Rios, who in college, got married and became Laurie Alavarez, who then got a divorce and remarried and is now Laurie Nieto. Since we hung out in high school and college, somehow my got in touch with my sister, and then with me.
After emailing her, we saw each other this past Saturday at my nephews birthday party. She hasn't changed much in appearance. What has changed about her is that now she is following Christ. She told me that before going to Arlington High, she always went to a Christian private school. I would've never guessed. We talked about our churches, and she mentioned that she was praying about moving to a spanish congregation. I gave her info about the church. She said that she was going to send her kids there this summer for VBS. Cool. We are going to have lunch tomorrow.

Today I was at Albertson's durning lunch. I was walking in when I saw Monica. For the life of me I can't remember her last name. She had a little blond boy with her. That kinda caught me off guard, because Monica is Hispanic.... Anyways, as she passed me she was putting on her sunglasses, and I recognized her. Something told me to say something. So I said "Monica". She stopped took off her sunglasses and starred at me, like as if to say "who are you?" I said "Michelle Gomez" using my maiden name, because I knew if I used my real name she definately wouldn't know who I was. Still starring at me she asked "Where do I know you from?". I replied "High School". Then it registered with her. I'm thinking in my head.. I know I look totally different, I've gained weight since high school, and she of course is a thin as she was in high school, she probably can wear the same clothes.

Anyways, we chatted for a while, and then I asked her where she was going to church. And told her where I was attending. She said "You know we've been thinking about moving to a spanish congregation, wow this must be a sign from God"...

Anyways, she suggested that we exchanged numbers and get together. So we are going to have lunch next week.

I'm so glad that God has brought these two people back into my life.
Did I mentioned in 2 weeks, I going to go visit my friend Dixie in New Braunsfels.
We've been friends since High School.

P.S. It just dawned on me what Monica's last name was. See I've been recently listenting to this awesome band called Del Castillo (recommended by Dixie). Anyways.. that was her name, Monica Castillo.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No Excuse

On my way to work I saw to women walking for excersize. The thing that caught my attention was that there children were walking with them. Children younger than 10. Amazing. What a great way to spend time with your kids and exercise. 2 weeks ago I adopted the same idea. I pull my 2 kiddos in their wagon as I walk. Not only is it great exercise, but they have a blast getting a wagon ride. Now I have no excuse not to exercise.

Fastest Scrapbooker on this side of the Pecos River

My God-daughter is turning 15 on July 4th. Her mother asked if I would create a scrapbook for her. "In a week?" I asked "No way". I said I would maybe get a couple of pages done. But by golly I'm finished. I created a book of 15 2-page layouts. Wow, I've never worked so fast in my life. It's a great book if I do say so myself. I should start a new buisness.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Printed Copy

Does anyone know of a EASY way that I can print out all of my blog entries. If ever Blogger were to go out of buisness for some reason, I don't want to loose all of this.

It was the clock.....

Update from post titled 6:08 am. It was the clock. I mean the clock went off at 5:07 instead of 5:15. But we didn't notice. I now make it a point not to get up until 5:30.

Preventing SIDS

For all you new moms out there.

Is there a simple, cheap and trusted intervention that can cut a baby's risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

Yes, there is: The pacifier.

According to Hauck, they may have a direct effect on opening the airway. Babies who suck on a pacifier may also sleep less deeply and arouse more easily than infants who don't use them -- seeking the device if and when it falls from the mouth. Other experts have theorized that the pacifier's bulky handle leaves a protective airspace around the baby's nose and mouth as it lies upon the mattress or pillow.

AAP recomendations for preventing SIDS include:

1. Put infants to bed on their backs,
2. Only use firm sleep surfaces and keep soft objects, such as pillows and heavy blankets, out of the crib,
3. Give baby a smoke-free environment both before and after pregnancy,
4. Keep baby in the parents' bedroom, but not in bed with you,
5. Don't allow baby to get overheated. Infants shouldn't feel hot to the touch.

(By Meryl Hyman Harris HealthDay Reporter)

I followed each of these guidelines. Until this day, my kids kick off any blankets that I put on them. They are so used to not using them. I would just use the "Back to Sleep" zip up blanket on them when they were little. Now, in the winter I put on them in sweats.

My little one never used a pacifer, she still sucks on her first two fingers. She'll be 2 in October. I'm trying to break her of this. When I see her when her fingers in her mouth, I ask her to remove them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't want her sucking on them anymore because they are now kind of crooked. Oh well I'll keep trying.

Monday, June 26, 2006

1 down 1 to go

Since Isabel has turned 3, it seems to me that she has passed the "terrible two" stage. She is more polite, for the most part she does what I ask her to do, and she is so helpful. Now don't get me wrong, she has her moments, when she gets selfish and doesn't want to share, or doesn't want to take her shoes off before going to bed.
That kid loves shoes. She can spend an hour in her closet trying on shoes that don't even fit her anymore. She loves wearing dresses and slippers, and if you give her lipgloss she, can sit for what seems like eternity applying and re-applying. I had to telkl her yesterday that you only apply lipstick twice a day (at least if you buy the one that stays on forever).
Emma is now in her "first adolescense (terrible twos)". "No" is now her favorite word. And if she doesn't get her way, she'll throw what ever is in her hand clear across the room. That girl has a good arm on her. She constantly picks fights with her older sister. Scratching, pulling hair, has even bit her once or twice. Even through all this, she is still the cutest little thing. It's hard for me to get mad at her, cause she just smiles. Her favorite thing is Dora the Explorer. She will have me read her book over and over again. I need to get her a new one. I will try to remember these times, because even though they are difficult at times, she'll only be 2 once.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6:08 am

And I'm at work. A mistake I think. I'm not supposed to be here until 6:30-6:40.
The alarm went off at 5:00, or so I think. Eddie reset it to go off at 5:15, supposedly. I got up when it went off, jumped into the shower, did my hair, got dressed, got the girls clothes ready, put the girls in the car, and got some yoguart from the fridge. I was pulling out of the driveway at 5:35.
Now, either I am Wonder Woman or the clock had to have been wrong. I'll have to check tonight and make adjustments. I can't be coming into work early, wouldn't want my boss to think that I'm trying to look good. (right Jeff?).

Another Game

Last night Isabel came up to me with her arms extended out and her hands extended into fists.

Isabel: Which hand
Me: That one (pointing to the one on the right)
Isabel: (opening her hand, with nothing in it) Um Nope
She puts her hands behind her back and pretends to fiddle with them.
Isabel: Which hand
Me: That one (pointing to the one on the left)
Isabel: (opening her hand, with nothing in it) Um Nope

This went on and on... It was so cute.

Game 6

I turned the TV off right after the 3rd Quarter. I figured it they won then I would watch Game 7, and if they lost, well I don't want to see them loose.

They lost, and I'm glad I didn't have to witness it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tonight is the night

Mavs have got to win this game. I'm going to be so disappointed if they loose.
After work, I'm going to head home to my family. I think I'll stop along the way to get a magazine or something for my husband. He's been working alot lately and is tired. Hopefully this will cheer him up. If the weather cooperates, we'll head over to Mansfield to my aunts house to go swimming. Eddie is wanting to try out the girls' life-jackets. I think we'll just throw them into the pool. (Just kidding)
Anyways, I downloaded the new Selah cd from itunes titled Greatest Hyms. I love hymns, and they do an awesome job on this cd. My favorite is "His eye is on the sparrow" and "Bika Mono (Pass me not) / It is well with my soul". I highly recommend this cd.

In other areas...
We dropped the price of our house another 20,000. We haven't had someone come to see it in 2 weeks. We just want it sold, we enought cash to put down on another house. As soon as we sell and move to a more affordable home, Eddie will be able to quit his part-time jobs. Keep this situation in your prayers.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father's Day

To my Dad, aka God, aka Lord Almighty, aka Master of the Universe.

Just wanted to let know know how much I love you. Since conception, you have been there to protect me. All the times that I fell you lifted me up and held me in your arms. You always would give me wisdom when making decisions. Eventhough sometimes I disobeyed you, you still loved me as you punished me. You have been so good to me.
You are just the coolest dad. You always give me everything I need and even somethings I just want. You have given me some of the best gifts a girl would want. A mother and sister who loves me and would do anything for me. My grandma who told me about your son, Jesus. A husband, my life partner, who loves you just as much as I do. Children to call my own. Children that make me laugh, and give the best hugs and kisses. Thank you for teaching me about being humble and helping others in need. Thank you for putting people in my life that minister to me and that I can minster back to.
I cry "Abba", Father to the best Dad in all of the universe. Nothing and no one can compare to you.

Happy Father's Day
From your "favorite" daughter,
Love always and for eternity,


Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Your attitude should be the same like that of Christ." Phil 4:13

For the past couple of months I've worked with someone who is a ordained minister of a local Christian church. At first, I was nice to this person and would try to be helpful. All I got back was ATTITUDE. This person was hired because of who she knew within the company. This person was hard to teach, hard to work with, and just plain not pleasant, to me or any other co-workers. I went to her supervisor concerning this matter. Later I found out that many of her teammates did the same. The supervisor had a talk with her. Let me tell you that helped so much. Today it was like talking to someone new. Nice, polite, mouth shut while learning, just a 180 turn-around. Funny thing, is that today, the person that got her the job, resigned. So now, she is back to being the rookie, new kid on the block. Funny how things work out. I'm glad there has been a change, it will make working with her all the more better.

Despite all of this, I look at myself. Do I always display the attitude of Christ?
At work, with my husband, with my children, at chruch, with the people I interact with. No not always. So I remind myself, I represent Christ everywhere I go, to everyone I talk to and interact with. I represent Him.

Philippians 1:27
Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Angels watching over me

The weirdest thing happened this morning. My alarm is normally set to go off at 5:00 am. Well this morning I was awaken by the electricity going off.. How do you ask? The TV, turned off and on by itself, which made tons of noise and the answering maching made noise when it came back on. This really freaked me out. I looked at the alarm clock, and it was blinking 12:00. I got up and grabbed my cell phone and saw that it was 4:55 am. I'm so glad it happened when it did, cause I don't think I would have woken up had it happened at 2:00 am. Thank you guardian angel for waking me up on time.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Weight Watchers

Well I decided to do Weight Watchers, on my own. I don't have the time to go to meetings. I started it on Tuesday and have been doing good keeping within my point value, which is 24 per day and an extra 35 for the whole week. I think I used the whole 35 today at lunch, just kidding. I had tacos, and I have no idea how many points those are, my guess is 3 tacos is about 18 poiints. What I do know is that I won't be going and eating at Chiptole anytime soon. The burrito I get is 24 points. I did figure out if I get the bowl instead, and cut out the rice, it would drop the point value to 11. I guess I can live with that. I even went and took the girls for a walk this evening. I pulled them in the wagon down our street, and let me tell you it's a long street. I took me 23 minutes to get there and back. It was a good walk. I think I'll make it a habit. Just me, the girls, and my ipod.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


While eating dinner last night.

Grandma: Hey Isabel what's that are your hand?
Isabel: A boo-boo
Grandma: Ahhhh.. What were you doing?
Isabel: Falling.
Grandma: (laughing)
Isabel: I fall and I fall again.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Moments like these

Emma and I have an ongoing game that we play.
She'll yell out "Mama", and I'll yell back "Emma", well go back and forth for what seems like eternity. It's funny, because she'll copy me on how I say her name. If I whisper, she'll whisper. If I use a low voice, she'll use a low voice. I cherish moments like these.

1/2 Way There

Dear Diary....

Well I'm 1/2 way there. I started scrapbooking Isabel's Cinderella party pictures on Sunday night, and continued last night as well. Isabel is excited at seeing her book, and still remembers details of the party which was almost a month ago. Like when Cinderella painted a butterfly on her hand. Hopefully I can finish the book this week. What an accomplishment that would be. I think I'll go down to Walmart at lunch, I hear they have a great Disney section for scrapbooking materials... So far I have spent $48 on this book, and that is not counting the materials that were already on hand.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Galatians 5

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

It's not about me. Being a servant of Christ can be summed up in two words.

Consider Others.

If nothing else, Christ considered you when he died on the cross for your sins.

Consider others feelings, put their needs above your own, don't be selfish.

I'm talking to myself here.

GH Marathon

Since I was away on my mission trip (actually my grandma's house, but we help out alot there), I didn't watch General Hospital. So yesterday when I got home at 7:30 I started watching the last four days worth, I finished at 10:00. Isabel had spent the night at her grandma's and Emma had fallen asleep in the car, so it was perfect.
Monday and Tuesday were good, I couldn't skip Wednesday and Thursday. We'll see what today is like. When it comes to GH, I'm a junkie, been on it since the 80's and I was born in 1975.

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Yesterday was the last day and Isabel and Emma went to Sophia's house. Sophia started taking care of Isabel since she was 1 years old, and Emma since she was 3 months old. Since Isabel is 3, and Emma almost 2, I'm going to put them in preschool starting in August. In the meantime for the next 2 months their Aunt Lily will be taking care of them. She just finished college and will start teaching 1st grade in August. This should be a good summer for them. She will enroll them in the summer reading program at the local library, and do lots of other things with them as well.
As a thankyou gift to Sophia, I bought her a Precious Moment. The minute I saw it, I knew it was perfect. She still takes care of 2 other babies, so her hands will not go idle. It was so cute, just wanted to share.....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Faces of Emma

Face 1
On the drive back from Odessa...
Emma and Isabel both had plastic cups with cereal in them. Evidently, Isabel finished hers and asked if Emma would share.
Emma kindly transfered cereal from her own cup to Isabel's cup.

Awwww, how nice she shared. A Kodak moment.

Face 2
Same drive back from Odessa 3 hours later...
Emma and Isabel both had plastic cups with cookies in them. Evidently, Isabel finished hers and asked if Emma would share. Emma said no. Isabel preceed to scream "dame, dame" (traslated "give me some" "give me some")
As Isabel is throwing a fit, Emma quietly took the cookies out of her cup one by one and threw them on the floor. Then she threw the empty cup to Isabel as if saying "Here, take your cup, but you won't get no cookies"

Toooo funny, to get mad

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day (UPDATED)

It's Memorial Day, I spending my time in Odessa,TX with my grandparents. Our spring family mission trip. Eddie is remodleing the breakfast nook today. My Wuela and I made ribs and chicken for lunch. We had guacamole, potato salad, and baked beans to go with it. Mmmmm good. In our room I have a Dora video running non-stop it has 4 videos on it and will keep playing over and over again. Emma has barely left that room. I on the other hand have been watcing the Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery Channel. I like this show it's very interesting. Hope everyone else had a good Labor Day.

Friday, May 26, 2006

We Did It

I took the step and removed the front of Emma's crib. Now it's a toddler bed. When Isabel moved to a toddler bed she was 16 months old. I had to get her accustomed because, Emma was on the way, and needed the crib.
Emma is almost 20 months old. I put on the Dora sheets, pillow and conforter. She liked it. The one thing about moving a baby to a toddler bed is that they have to learn how not to fall out. When Isabel was learning, she had the priviledge of falling out onto carpet. Emma has wood floors in her room, actually the whole house does. So, to make the falling out of be painless, I put her Dora blowup bed next to her bed so when she fell out it wouldn't hurt.
At 12:30 Eddie found her on the Dora blowup bed. At 4:30 she had the top half of her body on her bed, and her bottom half hanging off of the side. It'll take a couple of weeks, but she'll get the hang of it.

Galatians 1

Amazing Grace...I was blind but now see.

God is so good. To take a man, Paul, who was killing Christians, turn his life around, and use him to preach the Gospel. That is a wonderful testimony. God shows me that there is hope for the alcoholics, drug addicts, the "nobodys" of this world. Everyone matters to Him. He can use us, in our most pitiful state, if we just let Him.

Lord, I will continually pray for all the "nobodys" of the world, the people that society has pushed aside. I pray that you would open their eyes that they might see your love and grace that you offer freely. I pray that you would us them and us in a mighty way to further your kingdom, by spreading your Gospel to the lost.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Two Dads

Isabel got this doll for Christmas
It's a Little People® Learn-to-Dress® Eddie™
As you can see "Eddie" is a fighterfighter, just like my husband Eddie. Needless to say this is a cool doll to have.
Yesterday after picking up Isabel, she starts to whine "I want my daddy!"
I said "We'll see Daddy in a minute"
"No, I want my other Daddy!" she replies.
I give her this what are you talking about look.
"That one", she says as she points to the "Eddie" doll.
I had to hold in my laughter! I don't think she would be calling the doll "Daddy" had it's name not been "Eddie"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A little selfish

The other day, I had Isabel by the hand and we were on our way to my bedroom. Emma was on the couch watching Dora. I stopped and asked
"Hey Emma, do you want to go with us?"
Isabel immediately responded with.
"Say no, Emma" "Say no, Emma"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To be or not to be that is the question

My counsins had to grow up with a drug addict father, and no mother. They lived with us when they were younger, but then one day the drug addict father got upset because the younger one was spanked for acting up in school. He took them away. Weeks later, we get a call begging us to take them back. Sorry no can do. The older one went to live with an aunt, actually several aunts, my mom included. I took the younger one to live with his mother, who was stable at the time. The older one ended up living with a friend durning high school. The older one will make it, going to college in the fall. Don't know about the younger one. ADD, no parental involvement, barely goes to school, always getting into trouble.
Sad just sad. But I'm a firm believer that it shouldn't matter what enviroment you grow up in. If you want to make something of yourself you can, you have the power to be somebody. I pray that these two boys both make it.

Books, Books, and more books

The Scholastic warehouse on 360 and Mayfield is open to the public this week until Thrusday night at 8:00 pm. You can get 50% off on all books. It's a great deal.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The ABCs of my life

The ABCs of my life.

Accent: Pure Texan, born and raised.

Bible Book that I like: Colossians

Chore I don't care for: Mopping

Dog or Cat: I love dogs

Essential Electronics: Cell Phone... can't leave home without it.

Favorite Cologne: Obsession, by Calvin Klein

Gold or Silver: White Gold

Handbag I Carry Most Often: $12 small purse from Target

Insomnia: No... I can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Job Title: Software Developer

Kids: Two girls; ages 3 and 19 months

Living Arrangements: I live in a big house with my family. Hopeing to downsize soon. (the house, not the family)

Most Admirable Trait: Generosity, I think

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Bitting the 2nd grade teacher. After 3 paddles, I never did that again.

Overnight Hospital Stays: 2 -- the births of my daughters

Phobias: Tight places, and the dark

Quote: To be or not to be, that is the question.

Religion: Not religion, a relationship with Christ.

Siblings: One sister, Felicia

Time I Wake Up: 5:00 am

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Mushrooms (is that a vege?)

Worst Habit: Loosing things...all the time.

X-rays: CT scan on my head (I'm normal)

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Chicken Enchiladas, yummy to my tummy.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Polar the San Diego Zoo

Circle One: M F B

In a recent conversation with Isabel, she made the following comments.
"Daddy's a boy, like Jacob. Mommy's a girl like me."
"What's Emma?" I asked
"A baby"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cinderella Party - Part 2

Here are some other pics from the party. Cinderella did an interactive story with the kids, they played 3 games. Then they had makeup and face painting, and balloon animals. The kids had a blast. (Click on the pictures to view a larger image)

Cinderella Party

The party was a success! First we went to Libby Lu to get her hair done.

Then we went to the church where Eddie and I had it decorated with pink, purple, and silver balloons.

Here is Isabel in her Cinderella outfit and Emma in her tinkerbell outfit.

Here is the cake that my mom made.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

John 16

I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. 24Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

Lord, just incase I didn't ask in your name.

I pray that you will move us to a new home in Arlington, by the end of the month of June. I pray that an offer will be put on this house by the end of the month of May. I pray that you will heal my daughter of bronchitis, and remove the ezcema from Isabel'a and my eyes. I pray that you will give me help with my project at work, and that I complete it soon, real soon. I ask all of this in Jesus name.

I got boogers

The one thing that I hoped not to pass down to my children was my allergies. But I did. Actually I really don't know if I did or not, because Eddie never had allergies until he moved here, within the last year he's acquired them. Isabel allergies are acting up, which inturn makes the ezcema around her eyes flare up. We went to the doctor today, and he gave me samples of Eucerin. Let me tell you, it's made a world of a difference. No bumps, and just smoother skin around the eye. I get it too, so I tried it on myself, and it works. Not completely gone, but looks alot better, not dry.

Emma, she's got bronchitis. Poor thing. So not only is she on an antibiotic, he told me to give her some of Isabel's Histex as well. He's hopeing that will help all the mucus. If she's not better, he will put her on albuterol. Isabel was on that as well through an inhaler, before being put on Singular daily. I hope it doesn't come to that for Emma.

I on the other hand have lived with allergies all my life. I'm used to it by now. I don't take drugs, unless, I'm totally sick. Allegra 180, and Nanonex. Prednasone, if I'm really bad off.

As I sit here writing, Isabel is sniffeling, saying "I got boogers"... I know honey me too.

Monday, May 15, 2006

My Identity

I didn't realize how important a driver's license was until I lost mine.
I can't withdrawl money from a teller, without a signature card.
I can't show it to the officer when I get pulled over.
I can't get a copy of my birth certificate.
I can't purchase anything with my debit card, if they don't have one of those keypads to punch in your PIN.

So today, I'm on a mission. I'm going to have my sister get a copy of my birth certificate for me... if she has time.
Then I'm going to take that along with my social security card, marriage license, and insurance card to the DPS office to obtain a driver's license. Then I'll exsist again.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

John 13

14Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet. 15I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

Serving others. People who say thank you, people who do things for you in return, nice people, grateful people. That's the easy part

Serving others. The people who betray you, cut you down, people who don't appreciate you, people who are hostile against you, people who don't notice. That's the hard part.

Lord, help me serve others with a sincere heart. Not wanting anything in return.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not Just Another Day

I remember my 16th birthday. I got a bathing suit from my mom. It was a one piece black suit, but it showed major cleavage. I loved that suit. Looking back, I don't see how my mom ever let me wear it.

I remember my 21st birthday. It was the funnest weekend, my friends took me out, we danced all night, then the following day, we went to a Jay Perez concert at UTA. I knew the bass player farely well, so they sung Happy Birthday to me... that was cool. We were sitting on the first row in the stands, and there were guards standing on the track not wanting us to get out of the stands. After much protest, and the ok, from the lead singer, I was the first to climb over the rail, soon others followed and we began Tejano dancing on the track. It was fun.

I remember my 24th birthday. I was graduating from College and I traded my 2 year old Honda Civic for a new Honda CRV, as a present to myself. I was also getting ready for my wedding in July.

I remember my 29th birthday. Just two days before I gave birth to Isabel. On my birthday, I begged the doctors to let me go home, even though I still had high blood pressure. They did, and I had a cake waiting for me when I got home.

I remember my 30th birthday. I was moving into my new house and unpacking. Not fun. I finally had a 80's party at my house in June. It was a blast. We had a costume contest, Limbo contest, and other games. Me and David (a friend of ours) did a rendition of Bohemian Raposdy for everyone, it was hilarious.

And now we come to today....