Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Spreadsheets

Just discovered the coolest thing, for me anyways. Google Spreadsheets. Why is this the coolest thing. Well for me and my husband, we keep our budget on a spreadsheet.
Usually I save it on a usb drive and carry it with me, just in case I need to view it or pay bills. Sometimes, Eddie wants to look at it, but can't because I left it at home, so I can't email it to him. What's cool about google spreadsheets, is that you can upload your spreadsheet into your exsisting google account (ie. gmail). Then you can invite someone to view it. Google will then send them an email and they can make modifications to it. The spreadsheet stays in the account, so it's their to view or modify at anytime. This is great. Just another way technology makes my life simpler.

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