Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Schlitterbaun: Here we come

Tomorrow, Isabel and I will be driving down to visit Dixie, a friend of mine in New Braunfels. We'll head out to Schlitterbaun on Thursday. I have fond memories of Schliterbaun. Dixie and I went there when I was 16 years old. We had a blast, and I'm sure we'll have a blast on Thursday... See Ya.


momteacherfriend said...

Schliterbaun...I was wondering where in the world is that??? So I searched it...ok that place sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your trip.

tammara said...

uuuhhhhh (shiver, shiver), I have a whole different take on Schlitterbahn. I didn't go there until adulthood, toting three kids. I hope you have fun...

Thank you, Michelle. You kept me from blogger block today!