Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A New Tradition Begins

Yesterday was our first official 4th of July Celebration as a family. In years past since my girls are only 1 and 3 yrs old, we wouldn't go out and watch the fireworks. Last night, we headed out to Lone Star Park. What a great time we had. As we were getting out of the car, an empty shuttle came and stopped right behind us. That was cool, because we didn't have to park. Then as Eddie was talking to the driver, the driver gave him free tickets for all of us to get in. What a blessing. Inside they had free face painting, bounce houses, a petting zoo and pony rides for the kids. The lines were ridiculously long.
My kids got to see the ponys from the side lines, got the pet the animals that were brushed up against the fence. The only lines we stood in were the bounce house slide (I'd say about 10 minutes), and the face painting (which was slow). As soon as Eddie came with the nachos we got out of the face painting line and headed for the car. On the same row as our car, we set up camp on the grassy median. Let me tell you, this was the perfect spot. The girls got to run around, and when the fireworks started they were right in front of us, and we could still here the music from inside the park. About 5 minutes before it ended, we headed for the car, and were about to get out of there without too much headache. This was a great time.

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