Monday, July 17, 2006

We're back and in one piece.

We had a great time in New Braunfels. We went swimming at the Mushroom pool which is located at the resort at Schilterbaun. It only cost $7.50, and was a beach type pool. That was fine with me, at Isabel's age, I think she had more fun here than she would have at the big park. We also spent time at a library listening to Joe McDermott play his guitar and sing for the kids. It was quite hilarious. We also went to Inflatable World, which was a old theater converted to a space that housed tons of different bounce houses and slides. This was cool, because for $5 you could jump all day, leave to eat, and come back and jump some more. They even kept one of the screens up with a few chairs and had a movie playing for parents.
Eddie and Emma arrived on Saturday night. I was so happy to see them. When I picked Emma up, she just layed her head on my shoulder the entire time. I think she was happy to see me too.

As Eddie was telling me about their trip, he says,
"You're gonna kill me"
"Why", I asked
"Because I didn't use the car seat the entire time we were there."
"Why" I asked again in a more frightened voice.
"Because none of the cars had seat belts"

Can you believe that? No seat belts. My first question was "didn't your mother know that?" I mean she did say she'd see if one of her sisters would provide a car seat so we wouldn't take ours. She goes down there every year, how do you not remember that none of the cars have seat belts?

Anyways, I'm glad that they made it back in one piece.

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sounds like you had fun