Friday, July 07, 2006

I Dare You

Isabel is not a person who likes to give kisses, and neither am I. Let me clarify, I can kiss my girls all day long, and even my husband. What I don't like is kissing other people. Let me clarify further. In Eddie's family, when we go and visit, we get a peck on the cheek when we arrive and when we leave. I hate that. They know it too, cause they've stopped doing it to me. The furthest I'll go is touching cheek to cheek, but even that is pushing it. Heck in my family, we don't even hug when we see each other on a weekly basis, a simple "What's up" is good enough for us.
But, we are teaching our girls that when they see other family members, they should greet them with a hug, and when they leave, they should give them a kiss.

Isabel hates kisses. If I ask for a kiss, she'll flat out tell me "no". And poor Emma has picked up her habit as well, although not as bad.
If you attempt to kiss Isabel, she will wipe it off immediately, which totally cracks me up.

Well last night we were at my in-laws, when we were getting ready to leave. Isabel keeping saying that she wanted to stay there. So I opened my big mouth and said, "If you give Lito (her grandpa) a kiss, you can stay". She said "Ok". Went right over to him and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was shocked. So needless to say we let her stay the night. I know now, that I shouldn't dare Isabel to do anything, because she will call my bluff.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

HA! That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Isabel does not hate giving kisses. she loves kissing her daddy. For some reason she does not want to kiss her mommy? She does not like kissing grandpa because he has a mustache and beard.

eddie said...

not anonymous. its eddie.