Monday, July 10, 2006

Recent Talks

So many new things...

Eddie and Emma are in Mexico. Isabel misses them. She has been asking about them alot. "I want my Daddy and my Emma"... I want them back too.

Isabel is in the "WHY" stage. Example.
"I've got to wash clothes"
"Because they are dirty"
"Because we wore them and got them dirty"
"Just because"
"Because you said so?"
"Yes, because I said so."

On Saturday, we went to the Taste of Dallas. After a while, Isabel wanted to get out of the stroller and walk, but didn't want to hold my hand. This was my opportunity to talk to her about strangers.

"Isabel, you have to hold mommy's hand, beause if you don't, a stranger, who is somebody you don't know, will grab you and take you away from mommy, and then you will never see mommmy again."

"I don't want the stranger to tak me away." "Go away stranger go away"

Let's just say she never let go of my hand, in fact she held it tighter.

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