Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to get back Family Time

How to get back family time and save money at the same time.
With our daycare cost going up, we needed to find a way to save some money.
So we cut out Dish Network, our home phone, and internet service.
This is going to save us $140, which is the amount per month that our daycare cost rose.
Totally ok with me. The only two shows that I watch are General Hospital and Grey's Anatomy, both which show on basic channels. Granted I'll miss DVR, so that means I'll have to bust out the old VCR if I ever need to record anything, or just call my sister to DVR something for me.
Don't really use the home phone much. Everyone calls me on my cell phone anyway.
Internet isn't being used much, because both Eddie and I have access at work, or my mom's or my sister's house.

What does this all mean. More family time.
Since the girls are going to start preschool on July 31, I'll need to start giving them a bath at night. 8:00 bath, in bed by 8:30 and hopefully asleep by 9:00. They will wake up at 7:00 is order to be in school by 8:00. Sounds like a plan to me.
With no cable I'll have the time to play with my kids more, clean more, and other stuff. This is going to be good. (I hope)... it will it's just an adjustment.
And I've also started bringing my lunch and cooking at home everynight.
Amazing how much money is saved when I do that.


momteacherfriend said...

Good for you! I have been trying to convince hubby to ditch the dish for awhile now. He is not ready for it yet.

tammara said...

Cooking at home saves MOUNDS of money - especially the older your kids get. Trust me. I know.

Good job prioritizing!!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Good job! We haven't gotten cable or satellite, and our phone is only like $1/mo (we're on Mcaid) without taxes...but we do use internet. HOWEVER, my husband is in school (hence the Mcaid) and he is required to have internet access here at home. They email to many lectures via internet now days to study at home! They offer internet at his school for when he's there BUT his computer isn't compatible with services there...go figure!