Friday, May 26, 2006

We Did It

I took the step and removed the front of Emma's crib. Now it's a toddler bed. When Isabel moved to a toddler bed she was 16 months old. I had to get her accustomed because, Emma was on the way, and needed the crib.
Emma is almost 20 months old. I put on the Dora sheets, pillow and conforter. She liked it. The one thing about moving a baby to a toddler bed is that they have to learn how not to fall out. When Isabel was learning, she had the priviledge of falling out onto carpet. Emma has wood floors in her room, actually the whole house does. So, to make the falling out of be painless, I put her Dora blowup bed next to her bed so when she fell out it wouldn't hurt.
At 12:30 Eddie found her on the Dora blowup bed. At 4:30 she had the top half of her body on her bed, and her bottom half hanging off of the side. It'll take a couple of weeks, but she'll get the hang of it.


Stephanie said...

I still haven't ventured to do this with my youngest (21 months). I think I'm to lazy to take the next steps with her. Toddler beds and potty training...ugh! She has a bed in her room with rails and everything ready to go but she thinks it is a trampoline!

Oh well, keep us updated on how she does. I'm sure I'll post when I finally decided to start her sleeping in there... :-) with pictures!


Amanda said...

We are looking for Ava Beth a twin bed right now. We switched Josiah at 18 months to a Twin because I was pregnant. I think AB is ready!

tammara said...