Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day (UPDATED)

It's Memorial Day, I spending my time in Odessa,TX with my grandparents. Our spring family mission trip. Eddie is remodleing the breakfast nook today. My Wuela and I made ribs and chicken for lunch. We had guacamole, potato salad, and baked beans to go with it. Mmmmm good. In our room I have a Dora video running non-stop it has 4 videos on it and will keep playing over and over again. Emma has barely left that room. I on the other hand have been watcing the Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery Channel. I like this show it's very interesting. Hope everyone else had a good Labor Day.


Amanda said...

Yep, we had watched the deadliest catch too! Great show! We grilled salmon, had new potatoes and corn on the cob! It was delicious! But yours sounds REALLY yummy!

eddie said...

It's MEMORIAL DAY!!!!!!!!