Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A new journey

Well we put the money down to begin construction on our new house. It will be completed by Jan 3rd, and we will close on Jan 9th. The contractor said it could be in December, but definately no later than Jan 3rd. Just called my realtor to confirm that we will close on our house on Sept 15.

The hardest thing about this whole thing is going to be preparing Isabel for the move. At the age of 3, she knows that that is her house. I told her the other night that we were going to get a new house, and live with Grandma for a while. She said "But I like this house, this is my house". I told her that it was someone else's turn to live in this house, but that she was going to get a brand new house.

We are going to decorate her room all Cinderella. I have a cool Cinderella Bed topper already and posters.. I went to home depot and they have paint card that shows a Cinderella room, all the paint colors and how to paint it. For Emma I think I'll do Dora the Explorer, she loves that show. Gotta find an example Dora room.

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