Monday, August 21, 2006

Found a house

Well not really, we are going to get one built. We looked at alot of houses and just couldn't find one that we liked in our price range, in a nice neighborhood, and where we wouldn't have to spend more money on doing remodeling. For the same price we are going to build a brand new home on a good-size lot, in a great area. Mansfield. I'm going to go put the earnest money down today. We'll live with my mom during the construction time. The house should be finished in January. It's going to cut our drive time to church and to the girls school about 15 minutes. So that's half. I like that. Also forgot to mention that in the month of August, they take $20,000 off the price of the house. I like that even better.

Link to house

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tammara said...

I like the layout. We built our first house. It was a little stressful (watch them closely - I guarantee they'll do something wrong), but I liked the fact that I got to choose everything, and I never had to be annoyed by someone else's idea of cute tile, wallpaper or landscaping. (Sort of how someone will feel when they buy this house and immediately feel the need to paint over my purple bathroom, lol.)