Thursday, August 24, 2006


I forget to cut my girls nails. Why? you ask. Well I don't ever cut my nails, I don't ever remember cutting my nails as a kid. So I do think to cut their nails either. Only when I see that Emma has scratched Isabel or vice-versa will it dawn on me that their nails may be too long. I've thought about setting a reminder in my palm pilot maybe every 2 weeks to remind myself to cut their nails. Does this make me a bad mom? Does anyone else a this same problem or something similar?

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tammara said...

I have this problem. Zach and Hannah are nail-biters (much to my chagrin) so that kind of takes care of them. (And yet doesn't make me feel any better...)

I notice that Keith's nails need trimming when they get so long that they rival mine and I happen to spot them. I can remember to clean their ears and their clothes, but nails slip by. I don't know why. Maybe because I bit mine until I was 15.