Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another ADHD Moment

This morning was going well until after I left the house, I realized that I left my purse at home. Eventhough as I was walking out. I said to myself "Self, don't forget your purse". Well I put everything I had in my hands in the car, I put the girls in the car. I even went back in to get their poptarts. But I forgot my purse. That means: No makeup, no money. Then I got to the girls school 40 min. later and realized that Emma’s coat was not in the car. I on the other hand had 3 coats in the car. I was going to stop by my mom’s to get some makeup, but I felt so bad about leaving Emma’s coat at home, that I just went straight to work. If she doesn’t get a coat, I don’t get makeup. Luckily I brought my lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that stinks! I'm not generally a forgetful person... but I live with three people who are, so I have to make up for them, and sometimes, it all gets away from me! (I would have turned around and gone home for makeup, lol. I look like a hag without it!!)