Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Costco Adventures

I only have 2 kids. 3 and 2 years old. Going to costco can be an adventure. The one thing that I like about Costco is that it's cart is big enough to put two kids in the front of the basket. I dread going by myself with the girls. This is how it goes. The girls love to play which is fine but their playing includes alot of screaming, hugging, hitting, laughing, loud talking, more screaming, some crying, etc.....

I on the other hand am trying to concentrate on the shopping, and being ADHD, it is very difficult for me to concentrate on something with alot of other distractions. So I get fustrated, and can't wait to get out of costco. I try to ignore them, try to confort them, try to tell them to be quiet, try to be firm, try to threaten, nothing works for a long period of time. Then I get fed up and leave.

Yesterday we went to costco as a family, and my husband got to experience what I experienced. Am I just letting my kids have too much fun in the store? It's not like they are running around like animals? How do your kids act in the grocery store?

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