Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Your attitude should be the same like that of Christ." Phil 4:13

For the past couple of months I've worked with someone who is a ordained minister of a local Christian church. At first, I was nice to this person and would try to be helpful. All I got back was ATTITUDE. This person was hired because of who she knew within the company. This person was hard to teach, hard to work with, and just plain not pleasant, to me or any other co-workers. I went to her supervisor concerning this matter. Later I found out that many of her teammates did the same. The supervisor had a talk with her. Let me tell you that helped so much. Today it was like talking to someone new. Nice, polite, mouth shut while learning, just a 180 turn-around. Funny thing, is that today, the person that got her the job, resigned. So now, she is back to being the rookie, new kid on the block. Funny how things work out. I'm glad there has been a change, it will make working with her all the more better.

Despite all of this, I look at myself. Do I always display the attitude of Christ?
At work, with my husband, with my children, at chruch, with the people I interact with. No not always. So I remind myself, I represent Christ everywhere I go, to everyone I talk to and interact with. I represent Him.

Philippians 1:27
Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ


Amanda said...

This is the hardest thing about Christian life. Thanks for this, it's no know I am not alone. It's also nice to have someone help me realize that I need to take the focus of of "them" and put it back on Christ.

Amanda said...

sorry for all the bad spelling!