Thursday, June 29, 2006

High School Reunion

No I'm not going to my high school reunion. I it feels like I've been to one.
Within the last 2 weeks I've seen 2 people that I went to high school with.
First was Laurie Rios, who in college, got married and became Laurie Alavarez, who then got a divorce and remarried and is now Laurie Nieto. Since we hung out in high school and college, somehow my got in touch with my sister, and then with me.
After emailing her, we saw each other this past Saturday at my nephews birthday party. She hasn't changed much in appearance. What has changed about her is that now she is following Christ. She told me that before going to Arlington High, she always went to a Christian private school. I would've never guessed. We talked about our churches, and she mentioned that she was praying about moving to a spanish congregation. I gave her info about the church. She said that she was going to send her kids there this summer for VBS. Cool. We are going to have lunch tomorrow.

Today I was at Albertson's durning lunch. I was walking in when I saw Monica. For the life of me I can't remember her last name. She had a little blond boy with her. That kinda caught me off guard, because Monica is Hispanic.... Anyways, as she passed me she was putting on her sunglasses, and I recognized her. Something told me to say something. So I said "Monica". She stopped took off her sunglasses and starred at me, like as if to say "who are you?" I said "Michelle Gomez" using my maiden name, because I knew if I used my real name she definately wouldn't know who I was. Still starring at me she asked "Where do I know you from?". I replied "High School". Then it registered with her. I'm thinking in my head.. I know I look totally different, I've gained weight since high school, and she of course is a thin as she was in high school, she probably can wear the same clothes.

Anyways, we chatted for a while, and then I asked her where she was going to church. And told her where I was attending. She said "You know we've been thinking about moving to a spanish congregation, wow this must be a sign from God"...

Anyways, she suggested that we exchanged numbers and get together. So we are going to have lunch next week.

I'm so glad that God has brought these two people back into my life.
Did I mentioned in 2 weeks, I going to go visit my friend Dixie in New Braunsfels.
We've been friends since High School.

P.S. It just dawned on me what Monica's last name was. See I've been recently listenting to this awesome band called Del Castillo (recommended by Dixie). Anyways.. that was her name, Monica Castillo.

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