Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Miracles of Today

I got a phone call last night from my pastor of when I used to live in another city. He wanted to share with me the great things God was doing in the church and in other peoples lives.
A brief history about my pastor, he was a drug addict for 40 years before he gave his life over to Christ. About 3 months ago he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He got it from the needles he used. Well, people layed hands on him and prayed for him. He went back to the doctor and the Hepatitis C is completely gone.
He was telling his story to a couple and they wanted him to pray for their son (30 years old), who had a brain tumor. He went and prayed for the son. The son went to have another MRI done. The doctor asked why, he told the doctor and the he believed that God was going to heal him. So another MRI was done and the tumor was still there. The went ahead and started the 4 hour surgery. One hour into it, the doctor came out and told them that they had their miracle. The tumor was not there.

Isn't God awesome?

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