Friday, September 22, 2006

Child Talk

This is what I heard while driving to the park.

Nephew: Well, I'm bigger than you Isabel?
Isabel: Oh well, I'm bigger than Emma.
Nephew: Well you're not the boss of me.
Isabel: (Silent)
Me: Well I'm the boss of you so you both be quiet.
Isabel: (with great satisfaction) See my mom is the boss of you.
Nephew: (Silent)
Isabel: (Silent)
Emma: (Oblivious to everything)

Mission Accomplished!


Me: Hey Isabel, did you have fun in school?
Isabel: Yes
Me: What are your friends names?
Isabel: Ian, Aspen, Faith, Amanda...
Me: What about Andres? (who she's known all her life and sees every Wed. and Sun.)
Isabel: Oh, he's in my class.

Emma: Hi mama.
Me: Hi Emma, did you have fun in school today?
Emma: (shaking her head yes)
Me: What did you do?
Emma: Play.
Me: (Short and sweet, I like that)

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