Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Becareful, Your kid could be next!

Last night Isabel came home not feeling well at all. She didn't want to eat or do anything, except play with her VTECH. At 7:00 I gave her some motrin cause she had a fever. We were at my mom's so there was no thermometer. We finished watching "Dancing with the Stars", and wow Emmit and Mario can move. That's who we voted for. Anyways... got home and put the girls in bed. At 12:30 Isabel was hot and shivering and threw up nothing. I gave her some Tylenol. At 2:30 she awoke again, complaining that her stomach hurt, realizing that she didn't eat dinner, I thought it might be hunger pains. She scarfed down grapes and a couple of baby carrots, a slice of cheese and a piece of ham, all while watching her Mickey Mouse DVD. The she threw up. We were up until about 4:45 and that 's when I put her back into bed. She had a 101.5 fever. At 6:30 she awoke again. Another dose of Motrin... her fever 104.5... That's when I got concerned. Do we take her to the ER? Do we wait it out? We decided to try to bring down the fever and wait to call her doctor at 9:00. By 9:00 the fever was down to 100.5.... Called the doc, and he said keep doing what we're doing....So I came to work....

I hope my baby gets better soon.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I read on someone elses blog about this, and my friend just called and her son has similar symptoms and took him to the doc today. He has strep.

tammara said...

Oh, poor baby. Hope she's better soon. If she isn't better tomorrow, might be time for a quick strep check.

(I'm so glad we ran into you and Laura! It's been so LONG since I've seen you and now I have your face registered in my memory and it's good for - oh, at least another 3-4 years.)