Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Emma, with love.

Wow I can't believe that you are going to be 2 on Sunday. Well just wanted to let you know that Mama and Papa love you very much and we have alot of fun being your parents. You have really amazed us these last 2 years. You know, your Papa wants to train you to be our little cage fighter. I just laugh when he says that. Ok, just so you know I'm going to list all your accomplishments and things you like

1. You can sing "I Love You Lord" in English and in Spanish.
2. You can sing your ABC's (Well I know that it's your abc's).
3. You can count to 10 in Spanish and English.
4. You love to watch Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, and Ice Age.
5. You love to pick on your older sister, pull her hair, scratch...
6. You love to take baths, and drink the bath water.
7. You can blow bubbles in the bathtub.
8. You love to ride your fire engine.
9. Anything that Belle does, you want to do it too.
10. You let your sister cover you face with makeup.
11. Playing on the stairs is you favorite passtime.
12. The other day you saw a tree and said "tree" then saw another one and said "two tree"
13. You have a great laugh, and you love it when I tickle you.
14. You still put your two fingers in your mouth backwards and suck on them.
15. You know all your body parts in Spanish and English.
16. You know Up and Down
17. You went to Mexico this year.... I've never been.
18. You can sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Cinco Patitos", and "Bubbles"
19. You can quote a line from "Ice Age".... "Where's the baby?... there he is"
20. You are one amazing child.

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tammara said...

Aww, Happy birthday, Emma!