Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Felicia

Happy Birthday to the greatest sister of all.

You are always doing stuff for me, Eddie and the kids. No one can ever compare to you as a sister.
I remember when you and Eddie beat up some guys defending my honor. (Back in our crazy days)
I remember as kids we would fight like cats and dogs daily, and when mom wouldn't speak to us, we'd make up.
I remember when you went off to the Marines, I was glad, cause I had the whole room to myself. Then sad, because you were'nt there to clean it. (ha ha) And after 3 months I was was happy to see you again because I missed you.
I remember when you copied me and bought a white civic after I bought my black civic and then you turn around and buy my dream car, a mustang.
Thank you for always being so generous, like the time you brought me lunch at work
and the time that you bought me Uggs for Christmas, eventhough I had no clue what they were.
The time you bought me a Seiko Kinetic watch from the "Pawnshop" that you worked at.
You are always thinking about me. Thank You..
We had 29 great years together, hope we have many many more.

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