Friday, August 03, 2007

I've Lost It

"In life, losing things is a frequent occurrence. For someone with attention-deficit disorder, though, it's guaranteed. Money back, if you surprise yourself (and everyone else) by somehow keeping track of your stuff. ... If you have ADHD, there's virtually nothing you can do to avoid losing or misplacing something. "

I've lost my and had to replace my debit card too many times to count.

I've lost my cell phone for days on end.

I've lost my keys, and have found them in the girls bathroom sink mixed in with their toys
(yes I'm the one who left them there)

On Sunday, I lost my CF card for my camera, I could have sworn it was in my pocket.

On Monday, I accidentally threw my cell phone away because I had forgotten it had fallen in my lunch bag.

Today I couldn't find my husbands keys, I search my desk, purse, backpack... finally saw them peeking out from under the seat in the truck.

I just got a new bluetooth headset, I'm counting the days on when I will loose it.

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