Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank You

I had a wonderful weekend for my birthday...
On Friday night went to the mall and met my sister and mom.. They watched the girls as I got my hair cut with the gift cards that I got for my birthday... Then my sister surprised me with the Crocs that I wanted.
When my husband got home from work that morning, we took us out to breakfast at Estella's (the best breakfast tacos)... Then we went to the local Crossfit gym for a tour and mini lesson..Then we went to Mardel's to buy the Marriage Devotional Bible, I got a One-Year Women on the Go devotional book instead.. Also picked up "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. Then for a snack we went to the Palletera and got some yummy fruit cups... mine had granola and honey in it.. Then went to Target and bought some rocks for Emma and Isabel... Then for lunch all my close friends and family surprised me at Texas Roadhouse.. My mom gave me a visa gift card, an Itunes gift card and "Cover Up" by Michelle Martinez. After that my mom and sister watched the girls while we used a gift card to Cinemark that my friends gave me to go see Iron Man.. That was excellent. Then we went to eat at Danelitta's and watch my sister-in-law play guitar in her high school Mariachi Band. I got everything on my list. Thank You family and friends for making this such a memorable day. Love Ya

1. iTunes gift card
2. Crocs gift card
3. Gift card to get my hair cut and colored... I have 2 gray hairs.
4. "Cover-Up" by Michelle Martinez avaliable in Paperback
5. Gift card to Cinemark, with dinner for 2 at Texas Roadhouse, with 4 hours of babysitting.
6. 1 year Marriage Devotional Bible

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