Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye Jeff

Well Friday is the day. My manager of almost 4 years will be leaving. All of us are so sad to see him go. As the dynamics of this company change and we become more entrenched in the corporate world of our parent company, we have seen many changes. We will be moving to a new "hipper" building in June, and instead of wearing jeans everyday, we now have to dress up. Yuk!!!!

Now back to Jeff.... Let me just tell you what a blessing it has been to work for him. I was a month pregnant when I was switched over to his department. I had a tough pregnancy, I was always hungry and tired. But he made it just a little easier.
When I came back from maternity leave, he let me use his office so that I could pump. He would walk by my desk and say "Michelle, it's 2:30".
After I had Isabel, I asked if I could work less hours so I could spend more time with her, and it was granted. I thought he would have a heart attack when 7 months later I told him I was pregnant again, but he congratulated me with a smile. I have many more stories like this, too many to tell. What is cool about working for Jeff, is that he is a servant-leader. A leader with a servants heart. Everyone in this department has great respect for him.

Jeff, I will truly miss seeing you on a day-to-day basis, but I know that the Lord has great plans for you. May he continually bless you and your family.


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Shelley said...

You made me tear up, too.

Jeff Dowdle said...

Thank you for the kind words. I will miss you.

Jeremy said...

Bye Jeff, but I wills see you again when I purchase more firearms so it is not a final goodbye.