Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best Buy

I just found out something cool. If you take your 8mm camcorder tapes to Best Buy, they will put them onto a DVD for you for about $20. So now I am going to pull out all those tapes that were never transfered to VHS to Best Buy and have them work their magic.


Jeremy said...

Hey, that is cool.

tammara said...

Wow - cool!! I don't have 8mm tapes, I have those mini VHS tapes. This is great to know - I hate those things and besides, the oldest ones of Zach are nearing 18 years - they are going to fall apart soon. Thank you!

(And I'm working on the interview questions, btw ;-))

amyerj said...

My dad had about the only 10 minutes of 8mm as me of a 1-year old converted to VHS for my 18th birthday.

Definitely worth upgrading the media, very cool. Nothing like seeing yourself waddle around when you're old and gray. =)

mommyofangels said...

I said 8mm but I meant any camcorder tapes.