Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lessons learned from Vlad

So last week we went to the drive-in theater on a Monday night. We watched "Nims Island" and "Horton Heard a Who". I don't know if ya'll have seen the latter, but there are 2 characters named Vlad. The mean one (a vulture) and the bunny with cookies. So, the next night as we pull up to the driveway Eddie shots "Look Vlad". There was a bunny in our yard. So we park and get out to go and look for it. Well it was dark, and we could see it. My girls had their pen light out trying to find it. Then Eddie spots it in the street, it had gotten ran over by a car (that quick can you believe it) Anyways the girls were saying: Ohhh, poor bunny. I had to explain our rules about not running into the steet, because you can get smushed by a car and die, just like Vlad.
Well the next day, Vlad #2 was eating Vlad #1. so then I had to explain that vultures eat dead animals..... again (Ohhh poor bunny).

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