Sunday, November 28, 2010


She's a maniac. We have a huge backyard, yet she has to remain on a 30ft lease, because she tries to escape under the fence. I'm still convinced that it was good that I got her. I think I would have mourned Loba until I got another dog. Of course getting a new dog 1 day after Loba died was probably a little pre-mature. But I was so heartbroken. 11 years with a dog is a long time, she was awesome. Of course I forgot about all stuff she tore up. She tore up 3 swings, a wooden chair, countless bowls, pull out newly planted shrubs, the list goes on... Tootsie is of course doing the same... So where will this adventure take us... I hope that she becomes magically well trained, because her life depends on it... :) Just kidding, I love Tootsie, now if only the kids will learn to love her.

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