Monday, June 18, 2007

Catch Up

It's been a while so here goes.

Humor: The other day Emma looked down my shirt at my chest and said "Oooh mommy, you got big muscles like Daddy. (Those aren't muscles)

Prayer: My pastor just found out that he has a cancerous tumor in his kidneys. Pray that they can take it out and that it hasn't spread.

New: Our company moved to a new building. I've got a new desk. Building is great. The only complaint is that you can hear airplanes flying overhead all day long

Finally: Isabel's ballet/tap recital is tomorrow. Yeah!

Wisdom: The more we count the blessings we have the less we crave the luxuries we haven't


Shelley said...

Thank you for the reminder on the last one. *smile* So true.

Jeremy@Life of an Ant said...

First one was hilarious. The last one was a great reminder.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I like that post. The humor cracked me up. I am sorry about your pastor and he'll be in my prayers. I love the word of wisdom too...