Wednesday, February 20, 2008


... well at least for 2 days of the week. It was easy when I could do all my work the night before or they took 2 hour naps everyday. Now I have conference calls, sometimes in 3 hour blocks, so I got a cordless phone with a headset with a mute button. I love SuperWhy! and BlockBuster. Also both girls have pc's in my office so they can have computer time as well. I can't wait unitl it gets hot, so that I can work out on the patio while they play or swim.. I also take my laptop to Chicken Red's which has free wi-fi and they love to go to chicken red's. Also this summer my nephew will be staying with us, so eventhough he will only be 8 years old, I have already designated him the "nanny". Isabel will be in school in August, which only leave Emma at home for 2 more years. A 2 day a week preschool is probably in her future.


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