Monday, July 14, 2008

What's cooler than a lion?

So at home we have teams. Eddie and Emma against Me and Isabel. In the beginning they were butterflies and we were dragonflies (I think). Anyways, they soon became lions. We have yet to find an animal to stick with. On Friday, we chose bumble bee, but then I didn't think that was furioucious enough so I said we were killer bees. Then I heard Isabel saying.. We're gonna kill you, cause we're killer bees. Yeah... probably not the best thing to say. I've got to come up with something better. The lions have their signature roar, and high-five with their paws, and even Emma will try to scratch. So we need suggestions on a team animal.

Speaking of lions...
Saturday, Isabel comes in my room whining that Emma scratched her, and I told her that she needed to be careful around baby lions... fast forward to 15 minutes later, after I got out of my shower Isabel saw my chest where I had been scratching. "Ooooh mama, you got scratched too.. was it a lion?"

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