Monday, November 24, 2008


How to be a good leader. This is a tough one. I struggle with it everyday, as I try to lead my children in becoming godly women and responsible adults. As I try to lead at my workplace and at my church.
"You can't lead someone where you've never been before yourself"
I have had some great leaders in the past, I was blessed to have great bosses. I have also served under bad leadership as well. And that is no fun at all.

I gave my husband the Maxwell Leadership Bible over a year ago, and I can see how he has grown in this area. I also see where I fall short.

Just wanted to share what I read today

Relationships: If You Get Along, They Will Go Along. Romans 12:9-21

Many leaders commit the error of separating leadership from relationships. This happens when a person steps into a position of leadership and assumes that everyone will follow his or her ideas because of his or her positon. Some leaders wrongly believer that their knowledge alone qualifies them to lead others.
People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We cannot separate leadership from relationships. Leaders help themselves by developing good relational skills. Paul instructs us how to lead through relationships.

1. Avoid hypocrisy - be sincere and genuine (v.9)
2. Be loyal to colleagues - treat others like brothers and sisters (v10)
3. Give preference to others - honor the desires of others above your own. (v10)
4. Be hospitable - look for ways to meet the needs of others. (v13)
5. Return good for evil - act, don't react, when others hurt you. (v14)
6. Identify with others - treat others' needs or victories as your own. (v15)
7. Be open-minded toward others - seek to connect with anyone you speak to. (v16)
8. Treat everyone with respect - this is a compliment to any person. (v17)
9. Do everything possible to keep peace. - choose wisely which hill to die on. (v18)
10. Remove revenge from your life. - let God judge others; you love them. (vv 19-21)

My comments:
1. I hope I have this one down. I don't like two-faced people, I strive to be transparent and be myself everywhere I go and to everyone I meet. If I like you, you know it. If I don't like you, you know it as well.
2. I am loyal to my colleagues, and would never throw someone under the bus for my mistakes.
3. I struggle with this one a bit.. sometimes I just want it my way.
4. I love helping people when I can (emphasis on WHEN I CAN), sometimes I just have to say "NO", I've tried to learn what my limitations are. So when I feel like there is too much on my plate I say "NO" to the next request comes along. I feel bad but not that bad. My sanity is important to me.
5. This one is hard, because in my heart when someone hurts me, I so want them to just hurt them back and make them feel just as bad as I do.
6. I love it when people are blessed. I think it's awesome to see God work in others lives. Also it sucks when others are going through bad times, I try to put myself in there postion to see how I can help. This has gotten me in trouble in the past because then some people take advantage of my willingness to help.
7. I try to do this, like this weekend at the movies, we were sitting next to a girl that was by herself and we tried to includ her in our coversations and stuff.
8. I struggle at this as well. It's hard to treat someone with respect when you have lost respect for that person. Did I mention this is HARD.
9. I try to keep the peace, when I've been mean or rude to someone, even if it takes me a day or so I will try to remember to apologize and see what I did wrong in the situation, sometimes I need someone to point it out to me... I call these my knucklehead momements.
10. This too is hard.. see number 5.

So from my comments above, I've got alot of work to do. ALOT! Just wanted to say thanks to my husband for always listening to me and teaching me and lovingly showing me the errors of my ways, and for being a great leader.

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